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  • Daniel

    Looks like someone found their favorite new home builder 😀

    This one *could* have been gorgeous, but they really f-ed up that front portico. Hideous proportions. The rear is a little better, but the architecture doesn’t deviate enough in my opinion. It’s like they didn’t want to take any risks so they just made it a rectangular box with windows. Interior ain’t bad, but there are some quirks to it. The elevator is terrible.

    I think going along the lines of this would have been a much better decision. Something that isn’t too ostentatious, but still very dramatic:


    • Kenny Forder

      I think I might have 😉

    • Kenny Forder

      Love that house!

      • Sam

        I disagree with your Flicker example. It looks like the elements were an after thought and the house looks fake. It does not look like the well crafted old world building they were aiming for.

  • Chris

    I love it. Very modern and obviously new, but still very nice in the grand scheme of things. I’d love to own it.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is obviously an interpretation of Villa Pisani in Stra, Italy: http://tinyurl.com/d7o8hq4. Compared to the original, this has a flimsy feel about it. Instead of carved stone, this looks like plaster and stucco. All the water surrounding the house is nice, but I wonder how long before someone drives into the fountain in the motor court. I’m not sure why the bridge to the island in the rear pond keeps appearing and disappearing. I like the interior better than in the Villa Louis XIV, and love the Murano chandeliers and sconces.

  • Daniel

    Oh, and uh….how do I get to that little island in the center of the fountain in the back?

    • Annie

      by retractable ladder

      • Annie

        оr, rather, by retractable bridge

    • Andrew

      On the back of your butler.

  • rob

    Fair enough for what it is, a vacation villa in the South of France. Much plainer than the chateau, but still very nice and high quality. It is no Villa Leopold, though. Quite nice. Would not turn down a months stay at the house in July. I expect my invitation has been lost in the mail. Is it on the market? No furnishings. Did Kashoggi run out of money?

  • Tony

    This one looks like crap compared to the other house. This one looks way cheaper on the outside. It doesn’t have any limestone on the exterior and the right side of the exterior has a weird modern look that ruins the house. For some reason the rear exterior looks better than the front but would still look a lot nicer if it were clad in limestone. Also the interior looks ok but doesn’t look no where near as nice as the other house due to the lack of stone and marble and custom carved wood paneling throughout. I mean it has some marble and woodwork but not near as much as the other house and not much if any limestone in the interior. Also the exterior pool is too big and weird looking and the pool has weird wood that looks like the material that would be used for a deck all around the pool and there are weird little trees and shrubbery in the pool. That pool is a hot mess!

  • Roosevelt

    It’s magnificent!

  • Hunter

    Beautiful estate..Yes it’s not as grand looking as the other one you posted, but in no way shape or form is this cheap. I’d happily take this place as my palace!!

  • Hunter

    Chateau Louis XIV is simply stunning..to compare this estate or any other to it is silly..Easily it’s an estate for the ages.

  • mac22

    with all the money spent cant someone find an architect who truly knows how to ahndle a classical period style residence. This does look right at first and then on closer inspection it goes to Hell. Proportions are off and the feel of the home is just not right, almost looks like a stage set, too flimsy to be real.

  • dan

    This is my idea of a modern palace. Magnificant. You can not find this glorious of an estate in England, in my opinion. The French have good taste. That said, it could use a stacked limestone exterior. I find the proportions balanced and no serious flaws. I love the indoor/outdoor pool arrangement.

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  • BC1987

    Too much. ugly

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