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  • george

    Wow, what a price. In Greenwich you would add a zero to the end of the number.

  • Daniel

    I like the gingerbread house exterior. Interior could be great with the appropriate furnishings and accouterments. Seems like a big portion of the money went to the staircase – looks gorgeous though. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the blue tile in the kitchen…not because of the blue, but because of the truck stop bathroom tile.

  • Grrrowler

    The outside is nice, but it’s squashed looking; it looks like it needs a couple of wings on each side to draw out the proportions. I really like the interior, with the exception of the blue tile in the kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t want a kitchen you can hose down when you’re done, but combined with the diamond pattern floor and glass-paned cabinet doors there’s way too much going on. Beyond that it could be a lovely house with a properly-done interior.

    • Barney

      Completely agree with you Growler……it does look totally neutered on the outside. And the interior looks pretty much to be period-correct but I take an large exception with the stair railing….it IS very beautiful, but it’s WAY to heavy & overdone. Something on that scale needs to be in a TRUE, english country home about 5 times the size at least. If all that extremely heavy woodwork were about 1/3 or 1/2 of it’s thickness & detail, it’d fit the house MUCH better.

      And while I ADORE color, it almost makes me NAUSEOUS to look at those floor-to-ceiling walls of NUCLEAR-POWERED, HIGH-GLOSS, INDIGO-BLUE SUBWAY TILES!!! Talk about TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING, HOLY CRAP! Turns the kitchen into a complete BLOODY train wreck when contrasted with that bannister-on-steriods and the classic, black & white checkered floor. ONE, repeat one wall of accent tile would’ve been very cool. The Seller & Agent are going to need OCEANS of good luck in selling this place.

  • Lonnie

    I was really enjoying this home until I saw the blue tile.

  • Chris

    I loved this home. Aside from the blue tile, I could easily move in in a heartbeat.

    • Kenny Forder

      The blue tile is kinda growing on me 🙂

      • Grrrowler

        Like a fungus 😉

  • dan

    I really tried to like the busy blue kitchen tile, but to no avail. The rest of this house is quite nice. I love the simple English front exterior with the small porch. But Grrrowler is correct, “it looks squished.” It doesn’t look like a big house. The wood color is excellent in keeping with the English look. I think it will sell for at least 3 million $$$.

  • NOVA Ben

    Like dan, I tried to like the blue kitchen tile, if for no other reason than it’s just so adventurous and unexpected…but, like him, I can’t. It’s SO shocking, and in combination with the checkerboard floor and dark wood staircase and white cabinets, it just is a mess. The rest of the home isn’t bad…I do agree with Barney that the admittedly beautiful main staircase is too heavy for this particular home…it does indeed need a larger, more authentically English home to really work. Most of the rest of this place looks fine to me…the lack of wings on the sides of the home doesn’t really bother me like it does Grrrowler and Barney…I feel like the mature trees stop the home from seeming comically narrow.

    The garage is wonderful as well, neon green walls & all. The open-wheel race car is a surprise, but I really wish I could tell what the other two cars are…

  • oranges

    The fireplaces in the home are exquisite. The blue I guess is growing on me but it is too much of an extreme contrast to the rest of the old world inteior.

  • Dunwoody

    I was really liking this house until I got to the kitchen. The upper cabinets are just a mess and that makes the blue tile look worse than it should. All of the shiny surfaces are competing with each other. Continuing the wood floors into the kitchen would have really helped the look. Also, the refrigerator slapped against the wall does nothing for the room. Newsflash: A built-in refrigerator is supposed to be built into something.

    For me, the library is way more bothersome than the kitchen. Could they not have thrown that crap furniture out into the hallway just long enough to snap a picture and spare the rest of us what passes for their “taste.”

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