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  • Daniel

    Okay, it is pretty spectacular. I just wonder how the owners furnished it. And as far as best estate built in last century, I don’t know, but Paul Desmarais’ estate might be on that list as well.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yes, his is spectacular as well, but this one is grander in scale in my opinion.

    • Tony

      Paul Desmarais house is nice and is on a lot more acreage but the exterior is cheaper quality than this home. I haven’t seen the interior of Paul’s home yet though.

    • Dilettante

      You guys realize that houses like Hearst Castle and Whitemarsh Hall were built within the past 100 years as well, right?

      • C

        No, they don’t.

        • John Appes

          Ahaha! You got them, Dilettante: Kenny, what is going on with you! Your taste is awful! This place is a dreck. Vaux-le-Vicomte is just incomparable, no competition.

          • Chris

            I agree. Whitemarsh Hall and Hearst Castle are far more spectacular than this.

      • architect121

        Dillettante you stle my thunder! I was just going to use Hearst Castle as an example of why this home definitely ISN’T the most spectactular estate in the last 100 years, or the ast 50, or the last 10.

  • ted

    no words. that aquarium.. amazing.

  • rob

    Grounds are amazing. Love that fountain. It reminds me of the ones outside the Alexander palace. The architect was dead on with the exterior, added all the precise details and quality to make it authentic. Couple of qualms with the interior but wonder how it is decorated. Are those modern wall fireplaces set in green marble in picure 13? That seems odd. Not a huge fan of the tub. I bet it never will get used. Overall a magnificent estate. One of the better ones.

    • Bcurranjr

      Wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. The architect better known for his restoration work really understands the architecture of the 18th century, where he seems to falter is the modern conveniences of the 20th century (with the exception of the kitchen which is fabulous), bathrooms, pools, shark tank (haha!). It would have been better to either have someone do really modern versions or try to create really academic versions of them.

  • LE

    Wow…I’m almost sppechless. This easily compares to and even exceeds the quality and spendor of the gilded age mansions built a hundred years ago here in the US. That aquarium is out of this world. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Kenny, but I’m a little disappointed that you hadn’t discovered this mansion a while back seeing how thorough you are in your quest to find the most amazing mansions not only here in the US, but around the world. I’m sure you’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again. 🙂

  • Chris

    OMG. I’m speechless. This is amazing. One of the finest mansions built in decades. Very reminiscent of the gilded age residences built here in the US. I love it.

  • Tony

    Ok now this is what a mega mansion should look like. This looks a lot like Fleur Dy Lys as far as the entry stairway and some of the interior features. Now anyone that can’t tell the difference between the quality of this home and most the other so called mega mansions have to be blind. Take a good look at the custom craftmanship, stone work and moldings in this house, then look at 90 percent of the other so called mega mansions featured on this site and tell me you don’t see a huge difference. I hope Kenny features more homes like this.

  • John

    It’s nice, but a little too ornate for my taste. A bit too much gold throughout, but I guess that’s just the style.

  • kingstigo

    This is a true dream home, the home owner must be a billionaire

  • ZigZagBoom

    Hell yeah. The American developers of so-called “French Chateau style” McMansions would do well to take a gander at this and see how it’s really done. One of the most impressive places we’ve seen here.

    LOL @ the $6k+ B&W loudspeakers for surround use. Since there are at least a couple more than pictured, they add up to more than most so-called home theaters rooms in American Mcmansions cost in their entirety. You just know they have one of the super high end digital projections systems like a Barco costing well over 50K. That whole room could easily be 200K or more.

  • Coon

    I wonder how long before Hollande decides its too big and decides to nationalize it.

  • ZigZagBoom

    LOL. At least you’re making that joke about an actual socialist. That being said, France has always had high taxes (Miterrand was a socialist too) and yet some wealthy people have chosen to live there.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s definitely impressive. It’s not my style (way too much gold) but I have to admire the amount of work and detailing that went into it. The marble work alone is quite an achievement. The various portraits and reliefs of Louis are a little hokey…

  • mak
  • Tony

    The only thing I dislike about the home are a few things. First of all the outdoor stairway leading to a pool is a little weird and the movie theater rooms look cheap. I know someone said it could have cost $200,000 but it still looks cheap. I have seen $3.5 million dollar movie theater rooms shown on this site and a house of this stature deserves a $3.5 million dollar theater room. The movie theater should be on par with the theater room in Le Beveldere, also the bathrooms look sorta plain and boxy and some are clad in an ugly colored marble. I think the bathrooms should like like the bathrooms in La Belle Vie. I like the exterior for the most part and all the main rooms and the entry and foyer but some of the back rooms and lower level rooms don’t have the same quality. The lounge area looks modern and cheap and less intricate and some rooms have cheap wall paper covered walls instead of lime stone or marble walls or custom carved wood panelled walls, but over all i would have to say its just about the best home I have ever seen. I think this builder has trumped John Finton lol. Anyway if they make a few tweaks to the exterior and made the lounge area more ornate and less modern and made the theater rooms more extravagant and made the bathrooms more intricate then this would be a perfect home. But its still spectacular overall.

    Here is an example of how the theater rooms should look:

    Here’s an example of how the bathrooms should look:

    And here’s a list of the best quality mansion developers in the world:


    • Daniel

      You forgot Davis General Contracting:

      • Tony

        thanks 😉

    • C

      Mohamed Habib build typical McMansions…. Not noteworthy mansions.

      • Tony

        That last house that Mohamed Hadid built, the contemporary one, looked very McMansion. But Le Belvedere and the estate Michael Jackson died in were very detailed and opulent estates that had quality and craftmanship superior most homes in the Los Angeles area and are in the same league as Fleur Dy Lys and La Belle Vie.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Well, I was addressing the actual cost of the screening equipment, I’m sure someone building a home theater room like either of these de novo would charge more than 200K.

      That being said the one you posted is not superior. First of all, movie theaters don’t have gilt columns and moldings for a reason: they cause distracting reflections. Second of all, the screen is smaller. Thirdly, those odd love seats or divans or whatever they are don’t look very comfortable me.

      • Tony

        The theater room in Mohamed Hadid’s house looks way better than the crappy ones in this house. I dont think it may be comfortable or practical but it looks way more opulent and extravagant even with a smaller screen.

  • Tony

    oh and some of the fireplaces look a little odd too. I think someone else mentioned this. I think a fireplace should be built from the floor up. Especially in a historic looking home like this. But quite a few of the fireplaces in this home look like they are just sticking out of the center of the wall suspended above the ground. That’s just kinda odd looking. I think it would be ok in a modern home but looks weird in a classical french home like this.

  • Andrew

    What’s with all those golden finishes inside – you’ve got a pile of bricks this size, don’t you think you’ve made your statement already? Otherwise I like it. Although I can’t quite see it in the pictures here, I like the idea of the moat, I think it is due for a comeback. Now if we could just return to the practice of enclosing our city centres with walls, to keep the suburban riff-raff away after dark…

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, where the heck is the moat??? I thought a moat is when the house is like sitting on an island of land completely surrounded by water?? I don’t see anything resembling a moat from the aerial photo of the home on the project page website.

  • Tony

    My bad, I think I see the moat now in the aerial photo. I guess its not a very impressive moat cause usually i notice right away when a house is on a moat and I can barely see that this house is even on a moat.

  • Organbrett

    I read on one of the French sites that the owner/developer Emad Khashoggi built it to sell (possibly to an Arab). Does anyone know if this has been marketed (especially since it was finished in June of last year)? Since it would cost the equivalent of a small city to maintain I am curious if Mr. Khashoggi’s family has been living there in the meantime. It is interesting all of the work they went to to make sure everything was done correctly according to historic practice & then find it odd to see very modern faucets in the bathrooms & the odd looking fireplaces. All the chateaux I have visited in France the fireplaces did start at the floor. Of course they didn’t have racquetball courts in the basement either. BTW – I love it!!!

  • dude

    this is the mansion i imagined in my mind to build for myself one day when i il be rich, after i toured the mansions in Rhode island i always thought mansions like theese cant be built anymore i guess i was wrong, does anybody know who owns it it looks more like a musiem than a private house

  • Scott

    Perhaps the builders of this home should remember what happened to Nicolas Fouquet…..

  • Jeff

    Now, that’s impressive. I usually don’t care about foreign grand estates, but this one caught my eye for some reason. I’m glad I took a look because it is quite impressive. Well above anything else I’ve seen. This company seems to know just what’s needed to create a stunning residence, above and beyond other developers of grand estates.


  • James

    I love it Kenny! I hope you can find more mansion/castles like this one!!! Truely a home of the rich

  • Venom

    Wow. Generally I think houses this size and properties this size are ridiculous, but not this one, this is amazing.



  • dan

    The only thing I can think of to add to the discussion is the square footage – only 53,000. A hundred years ago palaces like this one would need to be twice that due to the technology and culture of the time. In theory it should now make them cheaper to build.

    BTW, Kenny, this is the grandest home of the rich I’ve seen on your site.

  • lambskin

    I am disappointed with the outdoor pool. i’d rather swim in the bigger fountains!

    • ZigZagBoom

      If you owned it, no one would stop you.

  • Kyle

    I’ts very grand, but IMO also very cold for the most part. And I do not like that floor design pattern at the entrance at all (I don’t care if its the way they did it in the 18th century, if so, I’d in my opinion the design pattern of the time was bad). There is just no warmth inside to it, no wood-paneled rooms or anything to feel cozy. If it had those, then it would be a really nice.

  • Rontti

    The facades are mostly spot-on and so are some of the interiors and garden views but then the “modern amenities” begin to roll in and… Oh my goodness, that bathroom is absolutely hideous! Why, why is it that every modern imitation of classical French style is inevitably a gaudy bastardization of it? It seems they did not want to recreate the old style for its own sake but simply wanted it as a “luxurious” backdrop for modern living.

  • nathaniel

    how much is this stunning ,amazing peice of property going for?

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