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  • Daniel

    The exterior and living room look great. The rest of the rooms look very plain however, as if the theme wasn’t carried through. The guest house interior is especially disappointing.

  • Grrrowler

    I think Daniel has summed it up very nicely. The exterior is exactly what I’d choose for a mountain house, and I can even forgive the front-facing garage doors since they were turned into a decorative element. Looking past the utterly depressing furnishings, the interior is not good. The scale of the living room and its fireplace are great, but the wood trim is too fancy and the whole interior should have been a lot more rustic. Are those the master bedroom doors we see above the living room? What a terrible idea: the owners don’t get the chance to make a subtle entrance if they have guests in the room.

  • Chris

    Its lovely, just not my style.

  • rob

    The exterior is great. Love the heavy, really rustic wood look. The interior is just typical Mcmansion. Such a shame, because Colorado is one place where you really want a snug interior. Someplace to just hole up and watch the snow. This place doesn’t work for me.

  • Suzanne

    I have just spent a wonderful few hours in this lovely house. I can’t relate to the comments above as the interior felt very warm and comfortable. Perhaps it’s the difference that a month makes!

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