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  • Daniel

    While the location is breathtaking, I can’t say the same for the house. The exterior looks like it would be home in 1970s Dubai, and the interior is entirely too eclectic for me. That weight room looks like it was designed by Nick Nack.

  • Justin

    Not sure about those interiors but that pool and that view <3.

    However with those new taxes the french government are bringing in if I were in a financial position to buy this house I would be buying 50km down the road in Monaco…..

  • Grrrowler

    The view and pool…awesome. The interior…past its prime. Cannes is a nice place, but for the same millions that I’m sure this place will go for, I’d rather be in Cap Ferrat.

  • Chris

    Being an American, the new taxes by the French Government wouldn’t apply to me considering I wouldn’t be making my primary residence in France. That being said, its not a bad house. The exterior is ok, the interior screams 1990s cruise ship to me, but I’d much rather buy in Cap Ferrat or Monaco.

  • Bcurranjr

    Kenny, is that post title yours or the agents? In either case Beauty seems to be in the eye of a rather blind beholder.

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