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  • Daniel

    Meh. You can do a lot better in Royal Palm. Unlike the previous Floridian Georgian, this one I’m not crazy about. The exterior is too plain and could pass for a tract home in Wellington costing $6 million less. The interior ain’t bad, cozy but the furnishings are a bit chintzy.

    Side note: If anyone lives nearby or will be in town, I *highly* recommend you drive around Royal Palm at night. The holiday light displays are phenomenal, and the professional look of some of the decorations is stunning.

    For the money, I’d rather have any of these, Mock-Mod or not. Or, the best bet would be to buy a teardown in the community and build your own:




  • Grrrowler

    The outside is really unattractive. The straight-on view of the front reminds me of a Transformer. Maybe that was the goal…? The house is definitely too big for the lot, which seems to be a problem with most houses in the development.

    Inside there are some OK spaces, but the decor (especially those hideous hideous curtains) feels really old fashioned. For the price, I appreciate that it’s waterfront with unrestricted access to the Intracoastal.

  • Doug

    ugh, outside is boring while the inside is rather meh. Could be worse, but like Daniel said, you could do a lot better for the money. I just for the life of me don’t understand the way the garage doors just face the front entrance like that. The aerial view shows that the property is rather crammed, but I still think the garages could’ve been laid out differently. Front-facing garages are one of the most egregious architectural mistakes in my opinion. I find them only acceptable when there is absolutely no other way to accommodate them.

  • Randy

    Daniel is right, if you happen to get a chance to drive through Royal Palm at night it is pretty cool to see the awesome Christmas light displays. Both enterances of this neighborhood have uniformed guards , but keep driving and wave kindly like you live there and you are in . If you drive an old car and you stop to ask entry permission you get denied .

    By the way, the same is true about all the gated community islands in South Beach . Little do most people know that the city of Miami Beach owns and maintains all the roads, so they are public. Do not let a guard house stop you from driving through Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, Star Island and Sunset Islands 1,2 & 3 . Drive to the gate and say , ” I am just driving through to look at the houses, I will not get out of my car” The guard usually records your tag number and opens the gate. Only Indian Creek Island has privately owned roads and it is like Fort Knox .

  • Chris

    I like the living room and the billiard room.

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