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  • Grrrowler

    It reminds me a house that would have been used in Steel Magnolias. It’s very southern, and it looks fairly comfortable. However, the mediocrity of the whole thing just turns me right off.

    The fact that it’s almost 2.5 times more expensive than the next most expensive Baton Rouge house makes me wonder if it’s really worth the asking price. I know for me it wouldn’t be.

  • Daniel

    Not a bad looking house inside or out.

  • Chris

    Being a Baton Rouge resident, this house is in a neighborhood steeped in local lore. The Country Club of Louisiana is the most exclusive subdivision in the state. All of its mansions sit on lots at least 2-3 acres large on a private golf course in a heavily gated and patrolled neighborhood. Its a neighborhood home to millionaires, doctors, and local celebrities. Former governor and legendary Louisiana politician Edwin Edwards used to own a house there before he went to prison. Its also the neighborhood that rap producer/mogul “Master P” sued after being denied the ability to purchase a house because of the color of his skin a couple years ago. When it comes to subdivisions in Baton Rouge, the “CCLA” as it is commonly referred to is as good as it gets. Trust me, this house is worth it.

    • ZigZagBoom

      “Trust me, this house is worth it.”

      With neighbors like that, it sure sounds like it!

  • Bella Dunn

    Wow so they are still living in the slavery times. Lovely home, but I would not live in a community that is not inclusive. The south needs to realize the war is over and the union won. Blacks and other ethnic groups are free.Get over it!

    • The Last Man Standing

      I see you drank the Kool Aid.

      No it isn’t right to discriminate based on color. But you must show everyone your implant scars where they put the remote control in.

      There are plenty of neighborhoods where I’m sure you wouldn’t go after dark. Despite your high and mighty view of things. People are people and their failings, bigotry, and capacity for wrong aren’t color based.

      I don’t live in the South but you probably haven’t visited it. There are plenty of areas where integration is just fine. In fact, most areas. The South has big modern cities and advanced technology. Some areas don’t even have broken washers on the front porch.

      So the next time you whip out a stereotype, you might want to think it over a bit before posting.

      As for “inclusive” that is purely a white liberal view. Why do you think blacks and “other ethnic groups” want to associate with you? Why not just take people as they come based on their character and leave the skin tone out of it? Otherwise people might think you are racist. (Almost all liberals are. After all, they are the ones who keep the checklists of that sort of thing.)

      • Bella Dunn

        As a matter of fact I lived in the South for a 5 years. You sir are what makes a America bad. I stand by my statement.

        • The Last Man Standing

          Really? I make America bad? Just me or do I have help? I do have a full time job so making America bad all by myself would be quite a hobby.

          You can stand by your statement but you can’t justify it. IF you lived in the South for 5 years, how can you make such a silly stereotype? Was that five years in the 1960’s? Things have changed since color television and cordless phones were introduced.

          But have it your way. I have long ago given up hope liberals can think. They can’t, they just emote.

        • Lane

          You never lived in the South. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Chris

      Yes it was wrong of the neighborhood to deny him permission to purchase a house there because of his race, but Baton Rouge has the highest murder rate in the nation, not to mention being no stranger to tons of other violent crimes. Much of that crime occurs in the northern parts of the city. The safest parts of Baton Rouge are the southern areas in and around where the CCLA is located. You can’t attack/stereotype a desire for safe streets and lack of crime and label it as “racism.”

  • NOVA Ben

    The exterior is attractive enough, and I think the interior is very decent and is only let down by the not-so-good furniture, which is fine because it all leaves with the sellers. I like the huge garage, although the assortment of cars currently in it is tailor-made for a serious douchebag. Or a pro athlete. Probably the latter with a splash of the former.

  • rob

    Pretty mediocre, and for this kind of money in Louisiana you could buy an antebellum plantation with 300 acres. I would keep looking. Besides who wants to live in a sub-division with such nasty neighbors. Real money needs some space and class. PS. I don’t think Master P was denied buying because of his race, but because he was a hip-hop mogul. I am sure if he had been an orthopedic surgeon there would have been no controversy.

  • lambskin

    The house looks squeezed in the corner of the plot-I can’t believe it is on 5 acres.

  • Billy Bob Barnes

    Lovely gated community with water features, and greenery everywhere. I have always wanted to live there. I would have a difficult decision to make about which house I would buy, but this one looks appealing as there is a great deal of square footage.

  • Alayna

    This is very ugly.

  • Anonymous

    He owned a home in CCLA, he was denied Membership to the Country Club because he would not abide to the rule of no firearms on the golf course

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