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  • Daniel

    Front facade looks charming – I like it. Too bad the interior is a mediocre mix of styles and comes off as unoriginal. Rear of the home is hideous – hate that roof.

  • rob

    I love it. Eccentric and semi gothic. Truly quirky. The back facade sucks and even though it incorporates a lot of features I dislike, high living room with balcony in particular, it still pulls off a cozy eccentric feel. I really like the bathroom, very modern-victorian. This is almost a kind of steam-punk house. It looks like the owner had a lot of fun with it.

  • Grrrowler

    The rear facade is laughably bad. The front facade is better and I actually like that it’s kooky. The interior had (has) potential, but the current decor is terrible. Every room feels crowded and cluttered to me.

  • ted

    the last photo of the rear is hideous.

  • NOVA Ben


  • Joseph

    The first picture is great, the façade is dark but charming and natural. The interior and back… nope. I’m just going to keep looking at the front and pretend that the other pictures don’t exist.

  • Bella Dunn

    I am going to pass on this home. It is so dreadful.

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