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  • Daniel

    Not a fan. The front facade is too heavy. Looks very “hard” and unwelcoming. The interior has some good bits. The living room columns would need to go. And I don’t particularly like the color schemes used.

  • Grrrowler

    I sort of like the exterior. The solidity and weight appeal to me. I don’t care for the motor court; at least in the single pic, it overwhelms the facade.

    The interior is way too light and frilly, for both my taste and to match the exterior.

  • NOVA Ben

    I like this more than I feel like I should. The exterior is unremarkable for the most part, but it does feel high-quality…the stone is nice. Some more color variation outside would be nice, though.

    Interior is a little bit of a blank slate, but the starting point is nice I think. The built-ins are decent and everything looks well done and substantial. Some nice decorating will make this into a good home.

  • dan

    This house looks almost too perfect from the front. I’d be embarrassed to live in it. Overall a nice New England home. I would like to see that beautiful carved wood ceiling added to the wine cellar and home theatre.

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