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  • Grrrowler

    I quite like the exterior, but I wish the Venetian style of the front had been carried more to the back of the house. The terraced rear garden is nice. The interior has some great spaces; the dining room looks spectacular. Unfortunately it’s all been covered with hideous decor and finishes. The faux-finished walls are truly awful, the curtains are way overdone, and the whole thing feels heavy and out of date.

    • Kenny Forder

      The spaces are great, but I agree, horrible decor and yucky faux-finished walls. The rear exterior is the best part in my opinion.

  • Daniel

    Are we sure the dining room is from this home? As Grrrowler said, it’s a beautiful room. The rest ain’t that spectacular.

  • Chris

    The exterior is quite nice and the dining room is beautiful. Everything else isn’t anything special.

  • rob

    Myrtle Beach is no place for a normal person to live.


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