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  • Hunter

    What a gorgeous estate all the way around, out and in. I love all the wood, stone and antler lights. Awesome views everywhere, modern yet rustic.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s beautiful. It feels like one of the great camps in the Adirondacks. The furnishings are uninspired and the kitchen looks like it came out of another house, but beyond that I like it. The price is crazy, but at least there is a lot of acreage with it.

  • Brian

    It’s gorgeous, if somewhat pricey, but I have on question. Why are some many of these mansions on the market after only 3 yrs or so? Are there THAT many divorces, are the houses unlivable, or isn’t there any one answer? I would assume the owners would want to live in these for at least a decade, to justify the effort, unless it’s just a hobby…

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s quite dark. I don’t feel any pizzazz in the interior either, and for $37 million, I’d like to feel more inspired than this. Feels more like a corporate retreat than a home. And a professional recording studio? In Jackson, Wyoming? Really?

  • The Last Man Standing

    I’m a sucker for two story libraries. I’m a sucker for big libraries. overall I like the place.
    Not sure about the complicated stereo/VCR panel in #14, that seems a bit much for me. I don’t even have a smart phone.

  • Daniel

    All I see are pretzel sticks on the walls! Actually, it is a very nice home. I do like the log cabin interpretation of a double bridal staircase.

  • Paul

    Wow. So creative and amazing. Looks very sturdy and solid. That feels good. Why would anyone who could afford building this, sell it? I wish we could know why the homes we see are being sold. Bankruptcy? Boredom? Too many homes? Build for a profit? The owner must have been in the recording industry, otherwise why the sound studio.
    I agree that the interior furnishings were uninspired. The furnishings are bland and cheap looking, as if they didnt want the furnishings to compete or distract from the intricate wood work. But, good interior decorating enhances the interior architecture and this doesnt do it in color or style. It is so obviously masculine inside that you wonder where the feminine touch was. Maybe that is why a divorce might have happened? Or was it the flag that overwhelmed? I like the flag touch a lot, except that it is a statement usually reserved for right-wingers, like when you see it on a car. I wonder what the flag of Wyoming would have looked like? This property and acreage certainly celebrates the exquisiteness of the state. We really do live in a gorgeous country.

  • Bella Dunn

    A true he man home.

  • Erik

    Absolutely gorgeous. Would definitely be on my top 5 list if I could afford it. It’s obvious they weren’t shy with going for the Log look, that area seems to command it. The Moose was a nice touch. And seriously Paul? Had to bring politics in it? If hanging a flag in your home considers you “right winger” then count me in. The house is obviously proud of its surroundings, dictated by the enormous and numerous windows (as it should), the flag statement finishes off the touch by country pride. I like it. The guest house/garage is spectacular with its own fair share (are you paying yours Paul?) of delights including a spiraling stair case that show cases a gorgeous plot setting.
    I am surprised the home theater wasn’t just a Bit more dramatic. Could’ve added some more eye candy and something to tie the country look into the modern look- would’ve been a nice touch. The Wine cellar…..huge! Not as spectacular looking as smaller ones I’ve seen but gets the job done without much flair.
    And what’s wrong with having a music studio (in Wyoming) NOVA? If you’re a musician, professional or not, and have a house far from any decent recording studio, I’d think putting one in your home makes sense. Want to lay down a track and send it out to a producer in LA, NY or Nashville, just walk downstairs. Sure this is a masculine home and Could use just a hair more of a feminine touch. I’m sure it will someday.

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