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  • WrteStufLA

    Kenny, “Harrington Road, located in Country Club of the South” is wayyyy different from “Harrington Drive, located in Alpharetta GA.” (Although both locations exist.)

    • Kenny Forder

      Oops, I meant ROAD! Thanks 🙂

  • Daniel

    Looks overbuilt. Reminds me of this home: http://marktimothy.com/completed/200westcoconut.htm

  • Grrrowler

    Are we sure this isn’t the clubhouse for the country club? Regardless of how nice the house ends up being, it’s too big the neighborhood. It appears to be at least twice the size of the surrounding houses.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yup, the clubhouse is just northwest of the home.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Grrowler. It’s like 50 Cent’s house here, but at least the one here has a yard to speak of.

  • Tony

    that weird semi attached guest house thing or whatever looks hideous at that weird angle. it almost looks like it was wedged onto a small lot right up against another existing home or something.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, it’s definitely crammed onto the lot, that’s for sure!

    • ZigZagBoom

      If you run out of it…you can just lean out of your window and ask “can you pass the grey poupon?”

  • Randy

    Jeff is right… same idea as ‘Fiddy Cent’s’ house . Probably the future home of one of those nasty skanky materialistic divas from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

  • rob

    Couldn’t live in something called the Country Club of the South without wanting to hang myself. Can you just imagine the neighbors and the inane stupidity that would be present in every encounter with these people.

  • Sean

    I think it may be gated, ill see if I can drive in and get photos tho.

  • John

    The house is owned by the CEO of CarMax

    • John

      I’m sorry, LoanMax….. Got my max’s mixed up.

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