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  • Daniel

    Well let’s get the price out of the way first. Overpriced by about $8-$10 million. There is also a nearly identical home being built next door.

    I like the house *a lot*. This Palm Beach Georgian architecture is growing on me. I would just plant some mature trees in the front yard. The locations of the garages ain’t great, considering it is possible to have a subterranean garage.

    As for the interior, I like it almost as-is. Marc-Michaels is one of my favorite interior design firms. They really do exceptional work, even if some of it comes off as five-star hotel sometimes. My biggest complaint with the interior is the relatively miniscule living room – This floor plan has been recycled by Mark Timothy (the home builder) about a dozen times now, and he always had a sprawling living room or even a two-story great room. The one in this home is pitiful. The rest of the rooms look gorgeous. Elegant and completely livable. I especially like the wine cellar.

  • Grrrowler

    I really like this. I’m thrilled that it’s not a typical Florida mock-med. the exterior isn’t my favorite but it doesn’t offend. The auto court is a little overwhelming but I’m glad there’s some grass to break up the paving slabs.

    The interior is great. It’s elegant without being stuffy and is a good combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

    The price is breathtaking, but at least it’s oceanfront.

  • Chris

    Its amazing! A little overpriced, but very well done. I’d take up residence in a heart beat.

  • Tony

    I think this home is over priced. I don’t think it should be more than $20 million max considering that it is in Manalapan and not Palm Beach and the quality is ok but not that great and it is big but not huge so I think the price is a little much.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, I guess John Finton was too busy to answer our questions lol

    • Kenny Forder

      He’s on vacation, but he is definitely answering the questions 🙂

  • lambskin

    Love this house with a few minor flaws-hate the position of the staircase-you walk in the front door and you see the back underside of the stairs. I love the kitchen but hate that the range in the kitchen is in front of the windows. The massive range oven should have more than the pop up ventilation system. Plus those windows are really going to get messy greasy.. Again the stupid freefloating tub in the masterbath. The faucet looks ugly and the little table next to it looks tippy and would be a long reach up for someone soaking in the tub. The garages could have been designed better. Finally tiny livingroom and dining room.

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