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  • The Last Man Standing

    Lawn looks nice.

  • Tony

    This house has that cheap mcmansion look. Its not on the same level as that french palace that kenny posted a little while ago.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, I know this is off topic but what the heck happened to John Finton answering our questions??

    • Kenny Forder

      The answers are coming 🙂

  • Daniel

    Looks like a life-size Puzz 3D. The way that foundation just sticks out looks incredibly odd. Terrible interior design, and that wall of glass in the living room belongs on a contemporary style mansion, preferably overlooking the sea.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s atrocious, in every possible way. There’s not one thing I like about it. The words tacky and gaudy don’t even begin to cover this place.

  • Paul

    I was going to say shitacular but Grrrowler may be right, atrocious. Shitacular must be reserved for homes in Russia or China.

    • Grrrowler

      No, you’re right: it’s shitacular.

  • John

    This guy was one Australia’s most prolific homebuilders??? He must have been building very small homes, and didn’t know how to translate that into a much larger home. homesgonewrong.com! Can you say AUCTION!!!?

  • Chris

    The front is gorgeous. The rest is awful.

  • NOVA Ben

    The front is awful. The rest is awful.

  • mac22

    How do they keep the pavement sooo white? That being said the column bases located at the porte-cochere are ridiculously mis shaped and out of scale. I agree with one comment that the most amazing thing about the house is the wonderfully lush green lawn.

  • Randy

    To keep the driveway white you need to have white tires installed on your car . Why does anyone find that sort red velvet living room furniture attractive…yuck! My Russian girlfriends, Natasha, Tatiana, and Svetlana dont even like it . 🙁

  • rob



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