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  • Grrrowler

    I can see why it didn’t sell for $22 million. The front facade would have been better without that porte-cochere, but there it is anyway. The back is McMansion all the way, but I do like that there’s a beach area instead of all bulkheaded waterfront. The interior is an incongruous mess. Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Spottiswood couldn’t decide on an overall theme, so they chose to make each room reflect a different decorative style.

    Someone with major cojones must have landed that helicopter there. There are way too many obstacles.

    • Iemand

      The neighbours sure are gonna love that helicopter…

      • Grrrowler

        I don’t get how it lands there without blowing all the sand from the beach up against the house.

        • NOVA Ben

          I feel like that helicopter is photoshopped in there. I don’t see how it could’ve ended up there naturally.

          • Iemand

            Optical illusion. When you look this place up on Bing of Google Maps you can see there’s just enough space to land a heli.

    • Justin

      If I was buying this house the beach area wouldn’t add anything for me, every time I’m up at the Gold Coast [the area this house is located] I approach the canals/inlets with trepidation. There are rarely shark attacks but there have always been warnings as Bull Sharks breed there. Much rather enjoy the waterways in a nice big cruiser. 😉


  • rob

    Just looks like an unremarkable mcmansion on a canal. If I saw it with no info. I would say 4-6 million. I don’t see anything in this that even approaches 10-22 million.

  • Chris

    While some features are nice (I love the front with the port cochere), others are eh. Good potential though.

  • mak

    Strange, to say the least. No window treatments at all. Its furnishings are sparse, and poorly coordinated. The lighting seems to be flourescent.

    What’s with the first aide poster in the pool area? You would think that they would have at least put it in a nice frame, rather then just scotch taping it to the wall.

    Oh…and I have to agree with Grrowler, as that helipad is miniscule.

  • Daniel

    An odd home…

  • NOVA Ben

    The interior is “eclectic” if you’re the seller, and “confused” if you’re anybody else. It also looks appallingly dated for being only two years old. The exterior is utterly unremarkable, but is also single-handedly dragged into Uglyville by the porte cochere alone.

    I honestly can’t find anything I like about this place.

  • dan

    The exterior of the home is completely average. The porte cochere looks like a prefab product from Home Depot. The interior has some lovely features. I’m not a fan of split staircases, but this one is done well with good color contrast.

    This kitchen is the worst I’ve seen on this site, ever, I think. I consider myself an openminded person, but that yellow grand piano blows it.

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