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  • Daniel

    To answer your question, no.

  • Grrrowler

    Not only do I not like it, I hate it. McMansion on steroids…

  • mak

    WTF? How/why did they put the driveways in the way they did? It looks like he subdivided his property and sold off the front lot, and then put the driveway into the second lot right off the front section of his own. Either that, or the developer did it and it SUCKS. It really devalues the whole street appeal of the property.

    Matter of fact, looking at the bing map, the whole subdivision looks like it was built that way.

  • Chris


  • Randy

    Why are the garages separated into three different areas ? ..weird

  • Nightmoves

    The half of the house where the driveway splits off the right where the circular patio type area is was recently added.

  • Sam

    I wonder who thought it was okay to put this place up…

  • Al Robinson

    I wonder how long it would take to walk from one end of the house to the other. Can you imagine if the garage is on one side, and the kitchen is all the way on the other. Oh man would that SUCK!!

  • Conner

    Dude, that’s like 70,000 square feet not 20,000. That has is sooooooo small, In a house LITERALLY THREE times that size. Oh and its easy to get around, you get kind of used to it. My legs look amazing all those gay guys will be up on me like WHHAAAAAAT??

  • pinchvalve

    I drive by this place all the time. It is one of three HUGE houses that sit on the top of a hill, with the Nevillwood Golf course out back. It is certainly sprawling, but makes more sense in person. It just kept growing and growing!

  • PghGirl

    The current owner did not build this house. The Crown family built this house in 1997. They own Crown Communications.

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