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  • Chris

    Not really my taste, but a nice home. Too expensive though.

  • Daniel

    I like it, but that living room *really* reminds me of my local church.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s nice enough. There are some details in the interior that aren’t worthy of an $18 million house. And, for the price there are dozens of other properties in CO ski areas I’d pick before this one.

  • BJ

    Ahh, the long lost banquette kitchen seating. Love those in the right setting. Really a warm family and friends feeling for a lot of houses, and this one needs all the warmth it can get.

    Kenny – you can pull that “utah” tag…;-)

  • lambskin

    What a pain it must be to get that wood cut to insert into the shelves around the fireplace! Just saying.

    • Mak

      haha! Just what I was thinkin too! I bet it’s all fake wood, and the fireplace is gas.

      • Skibum


  • dan

    Love the entertainment style kitchen. Great view – maybe thats reflected in the asking price. I can’t help wondering weather that wood plank stepped ceiling over the pool will warp over time from the extra humidity.

  • rob

    No great shakes. There is a better home listed up in Woody Creek for about 6 million right on the river. About 10 miles outside of Aspen and a better place to live for a real Colorado experience. Can’t find the listing right now but I think it is through Sothebys.

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