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  • Randy

    Horrible curb appeal , but a great surprise on the inside ! Looks like a fun entertaining house if you reframe from serving red wine . I love the pool and sextub !!

  • Grrrowler

    The front facade is incredibly uninteresting; it’s definitely not one of the better looking townhouses in London. I like the interior. It’s more tasteful, and comfortable looking, than some of the other nightclub-style interiors we’ve seen in other London houses. It’s interesting that there’s no dedicated dining room, which would be a requirement for me in a house in this price range.

  • ZigZagBoom

    I wonder if such deep excavations to obtain more space will start to be a trend over here? It seems like if their immediate neighbors did the same thing, it could start to cause foundation problems for all 3 residences.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Also, with so many levels they should have slipped a small elevator in there. Maybe there wasn’t room but the smallest ones don’t take much space.

      • The Last Man Standing

        To Zig

        They did include an elevator. Only those non English speakers called it a “lift.” It’s on the diagram.
        Which is silly, really. Unless you call it a “lift/drop.”
        Since I’m not a modern fan, the only thing I liked was the view out to the gardens. That was a nice space.

        • The Last Man Standing

          OK, that’s odd. When I posted I get a bunch of WARNING WILL ROBINSON messages.
          Did I enter the self destruct code?

        • ZigZagBoom

          DUH! I can’t believe I missed it! Yes, I would have recognized what ‘lift’ meant. It took up such little space on the bluerprints I guess I thought it was a closet or something.

  • Joseph

    Well, I could care less about the interior, it is bland as usual. The exterior isn’t ugly but as a passerby, I would assume this is a dilapidated row-house. The building to the left looks like an old fire-station and the building to the left has an ugly warehouse styled door. The house isn’t bad, (especially the garden), but the mega-mansion price is idiotic for a house like this, no matter the location.

  • Daniel

    Too narrow, too many levels, too plain, too expensive.

  • jackmack

    The house is somewhat nice though I think I would prefer it took look nicer on the inside and outside in this it looks a little to modern to me. I like italian villa or rustic type homes this just doesn’t cut-it. overall nice though.

  • Tom

    I think this house was featured on an English episode of super homes. It bought that home featured was in Mayfair and the master has a electric retractable skylight. I’ve been searching for this house for years since my HD deleted the episode. Thanks! TM

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