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  • Grrrowler

    Ah, Newport coast: my favorite least-favorite neighborhood. The house doesn’t look bad from the outside, but it really is shoehorned onto that lot. I guess it makes it easier for the neighbors to pass cups of sugar between the houses by simply opening side windows.

    The interior is…not my style. But, I actually kind of like it. I couldn’t live in it, and I hate the furniture, but there are some interesting details. My biggest complaint with it is how heavy it feels. The kitchen is hideous.

  • Chris

    Nothing spectacular.

  • Daniel

    Very showy place. I do like some of the architectural and design elements but right now it feels too “heavy.” Glad to see this one at least incorporated some different colors besides beige.

  • Bella Dunn

    A HOT MESS. One of the worst I have seen. HIDEOUS!

  • BB

    8k+ sq ft on 1/4 acre. NO THANKS ever.

  • Hunter

    I like the exterior and interior, although I’d be afraid to touch anything inside as I might break it. Looks like a museum! But on such a tiny lot? Nope.

  • Iemand

    Why is this called European? (in general; not only this house)

    This house has hints of Roman..ish in it, or Greek But nothing Dutch. Nothing German and nothing France and the whole bunch of other European countries.
    Listers do know Europe is not one country right?

  • rob

    I don’t even need to Bing it to know I hate the location. Take your money and move your mouse right over that big hill and pick a beautiful estate in Santa Monica. What is the deal with Newport Coast?


    Persian Palace.
    I love Newport Coast…just not for the architecture.

  • Organbrett

    This one has been on the market a long time. I think we all know why!

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