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  • Grrrowler

    The first problem is that it’s approved for a pool meaning that for $7 million there’s no pool. The lot seems narrow, at least compared tot he house next door, and that’s too bad. The biggest other problem for me is the interior colors inside, but that’s easily fixed. I think the house is very attractive from the street, although I wish the windows in the wing on the left side were more symmetrical. The interior has some interesting spaces, and the staircase is great. The kitchen is very poorly laid out. It’s going to be a pain, literally, to use the main sink to the left of the stove; the upper cabinets drop down too low.

  • Daniel

    I’m not a fan of the bowed roof over the entry. Maybe it’s the choice of interior colors, but the interior looks so dated to me. The proportions in the foyer look off. The tile in the foyer is cheap looking. Overall, the house gave me a headache.

  • Chris

    Aside from the wood paneled room in image #10, the entire house needs to be razed.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Dreadful. As the example above shows, calling this “french-inspired” is like calling a fat, lazy, elderly tabby cat a “feline warrior of the African wilderness”.

  • Tony

    This house is a hot ass STANK mess!!! The entry way around the front door looks weird. The stair way is awful and those interior coat closet doors or whatever on either side of the doorway look butt ass fuglin ugly!!!

  • Bcurranjr

    Another example of “builder” architecture. No understanding of proportion, classical or French architectural vocabulary and poorly detailed within and without. Perfect for new money who have no standards.

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