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  • Daniel

    Interesting. It looks like it just fell out of the sky. Interior has some odd bits. Why do you need a fireplace above the stove? Wouldn’t the stove provide sufficient heat? The office looks like the most interesting room in the house.

  • Grrrowler

    Another Utah house with an interior that looks like it was lifted directly out of a Seattle house. This isn’t bad, but it’s got some quirks. As Daniel mentioned, why is there a fireplace above the stove? The office is ludicrously large, unless it’s meant to be used as ballroom or something; if that’s the case it would be odd having a desk in a ballroom. The interior generally has potential, but it’s very cold and impersonal. The almost complete lack of any window treatments makes it feel even colder.

  • mak

    I like it a lot. I don’t say that often about mountain houses, but I do. It’s seems very down to earth inside, with muted colors and hearty textures. I like it’s location very much as well. Ski on/ski off is a prerequisite of a great ski lodge and this epitomizes that.

    Sure, you might want to warm it up with splashes of color here and there, and the office is probably a game room just waiting for pool table, but that’s just nit picking. Fireplace in the kitch is kinda weird, but who knows… It’s certainly not a deal killer on this place at all.

  • rob

    I don’t mind it but it isn’t really what I am looking for in a mountain cabin. I need some cuddle up and snuggle factor. Some drink brandy and watch the snow factor. Some we might be trapped here for days and I might have to kill you and eat you factor. A mountain home should have a certain vibe.

  • Wander Jordain

    Thee greatest feature to me is that damn tub. SIICK!!


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