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  • Daniel

    An eccentric home. The exterior looks like it was purposely made to confuse. Some lovely elements used throughout though. Gorgeous landscaping. Interior is calm and very elegant. A lovely home, if a bit odd.

    • Tony

      I agree with you on this one. This home looks like it is right out of the pages of Architectural Digest. I like houses that photograph well like this. I hate when they come across looking cheap and boring in the photographs. This one looks pretty amazing.

  • Grrrowler

    I like this, but have a couple of issues with it. The exterior is lovely, but I don’t like the dining room doors being immediately next to the front entrance door. The interior has some beautiful spaces, but it’s currently way too beige, with the exception of the pink bedroom (which isn’t beige enough). A little well-placed color (like in pic 9) would do wonders. The grounds are gorgeous, and generally overall I think it’s a very nice house.

  • Chris

    I’m not a fan of Tuscan style residences, but I like this one very much. A lot actually.

  • Jason

    this was a Traditional Homes Show-house a number of years back. It’s quite lovely, despite the aforementioned quirks. It’s also where I came to know about Harrison partners. I don’t know if some of the pics were mixed in with the original show-house pics, but if not- it seems some of the original design elements were left in tact. Floor plans were included if anyone cares and wants to look up the show home on the magazine’s website.

  • rob

    Seems nice and peaceful. The interior decorating looks like it came right out of a catalog. Not very inspired. Looks very California. Nice enough.

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