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  • Daniel

    Are we certain this isn’t missing a zero on the end? Honestly, this is one of the best Russian mansions we’ve seen. Far from beautiful, but not nearly as horrid as some others. The front ain’t bad, with the exception of the garage portion. Those garage doors seem awfully narrow. The way the front steps are designed is laughable, but that doesn’t seem like a hard fix. Interior seems tasteful, at least to Russian standards. The room in photo 4 is actually nice, minus the wallpaper. The hole under the tub in photo 6 would scare me – I’d think a giant Russian rat would come out and nibble me to death while sippin’ on some Stoli. The rear, much like the front, ain’t terrible. But seriously, what is with that garage section? Both front and rear look like they were purposely made to look hideous.

    • Georgio

      Can you post some links to picture examples of how you would have done the garage doors? They’re not out of place in my opinion, given they mimic the finishing of the main door and there being two door rather than a wide, single door says they were merely trying to repeat the pattern of vertical lines defined by the windows and columns that run across the front of the home. A single door would have looked out of place, and the narrowness if possibly an illusion created by the size of the front.

      How would you have done the stairs? I quite like them, as I find exterior stairs to be a bit of an eyesore and here they seem to have minimised their visual presence as much as possible (cf those sweeping mirrored steps you see at the rear of several mansions on this site which I think look ridiculous).

  • Joseph

    I know everyone will disagree with me, but I love these Russian mansions. This one is surprisingly tasteful.

  • Grrrowler

    It seems as if the goal was something Palladian, and then it went off track. The wings on each side should be removed, with the garage wing being the first thing to go. The interior has some possibilities, it isn’t as gaudy as a lot of Russian houses we’ve seen here, and a makeover would go a long way, but I still don’t like it. The bathrooms look like they were installed about 100 years ago.

  • mak

    The garage doors are hilarious.

  • Tony

    This mansion sucks. It looks like cheap tacky spec mcmansion. I don’t know why anyone likes this. The pillars look cheap too like something from the flea market. This doesn’t even come close to comparing to that french palace Kenny featured a little while back. I do like old Russian architecture but their newer structures always look like cheap tacky spec mcmansion lol.

  • Randy

    I think this Russian mansion looks so awesome because it is not decorated yet …no red velvet, heavy drapes, and gold baroque furniture.

    I really like the detail of the mosaic tiles in the sex/sauna room .

  • Coon

    Ughh so much money spent on an architect making the outside perty then they go and mount 2 ugly mini split condensers to the walls.

  • rob

    I think you would have to wear pantaloons and tiaras in this place. Seems like something out of the 18th century, for a minor noble.

  • Andrew

    Not great but I think this is the first Russian mansion I’ve seen in a long time that wasn’t instantly vomit inducing. And a note to those always criticising garages: people own cars and those cars need to be stored somewhere. Get over it!

    • Teddi

      I’m not sure if you’re deliberately being obtuse or not. Obviously there has to be garages, I believe the issue is the placement of said garages. And quite frankly, unless those doors are supposed to be for golf carts and mini coopers, there is something decidedly off about the size of the garage doors.

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