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  • Daniel

    I like this a lot. Nice interior and exterior. Just desperately needs some other colors added and some beige removed. But I like the architectural details and a good portion of the furnishings.

  • dan

    This is pretty slick setup. I like the pool set off by the fountains. Seems like a great place to live. It looks like brick inlay for the ceiling in the kitchen and breakfast rooms. Thats very cool.

  • Grrrowler

    I think it looks pretty good. I like the rusticity of the exterior, and I’m particularly fond of the entrance courtyard. The interior details are interesting and attractive. The furnishings are rather jejune, but with some more unique furniture and draperies it could be even more attractive. I appreciate that there’s actual art with color on some walls. The outside areas look really nice and comfortable.

  • Chris

    I like this a lot actually. Quite nice.

  • Hunter

    Beautiful place!!

  • Roberto Landi

    Amazing big and nice , i like the colors of the windows

  • John L.

    This house was a spec home. It is really very nice and on one of the nicest streets in Paradise Valley.

    Here’s the builder’s website: http://www.mrahomes.com

    They are one of best builders in Phoenix, along with Desert Star Construction which Kenny featured a couple days ago.

  • lambskin

    Very livable.

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