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  • Daniel

    I like the other Chinese community instead. Did anyone notice the Bentley Suite at the St Regis/NY? Soooo stunning:


    • Kenny Forder

      Yes!!!! I want to stay there!!! Beautiful. Bentleys are my favorite 🙂

    • rob

      How much is a weeks stay here?

      • Grrrowler

        Their “specialty suites” start at $2,7000 a night and the designer suites are probably more than that.

  • Chris

    The house in the 2nd picture is a house I’d live in in a heartbeat.

  • rob

    I like the architecture. This architecture firm is really original and doing a great job with updating the classics. I do not like the settings. These houses are built right on top of each other. I don’t know what the land situation is in China or if it is a cultural thing to live that close together, but I am getting the impression that in the new China, space is the greatest luxury. I would love to see one of these houses set in formal gardens with some land. Maybe some Russians could hire this architecture firm and then we would see some great dachas in Russia. Russia certainly has the land. And this style is similiar to what the Russians like but done so much better.

    • weisser

      Let the Russian moguls grow up and go through puberty. Now they just Now they just shout about yourself. It is as if you had a hungry childhood, but as adults you have become rich. Many of the Russian have a lot of money, but aren’t not tied to corporate ethics, morality and other Western limits. They can build huge palaces while nearby there is millions of poor people. I think in America it would be more difficult and immoral.
      However, it is in America lives Donald Trump, David Siegel, Saperstein and many other rich tasteless tycoons. Is Trump are Russian? Maybe he Chinese?
      I think least half the houses in this blog are examples of terrible taste. Is that in Russia or China? No, that homes from US.
      I think it looks ridiculous to give aesthetic advice to China or Russia which have a thousand year history. These nations are culturally self-sufficient. What is the criteria of bad taste? Superfluity of gold and stucco? Maybe … So says the American or European people. But a Chinese or Indian rich man doesn’t think so. For example Russia had close ties with the Byzantine Empire which had a influence on their architecture. Is Byzantium example of bad taste? Maybe we need to recognize the different cultures?
      Well. Look at it. It’s very funny
      I really think it’s tasteless. I’m Russian. I don’t like gold and I love the England architecture. Sorry if I don’t fit into the stereotypes.

      • rob

        Agreed Weisser, why are you getting so upset. We are just giving our opinions on the architecture. No one here can make these people do anything they do not want to do. People can build what they want and we can have opinions on what they build. I agree with you that Russia is in a Nouveau Riche phase, nothing wrong with that. But we are talking about architecture here, and right now Russia has some terrible housese. Look at Catherine’s palace or some of the palaces in St. Petersburg. Look at the palace outside St. Petersburg with all the fountains ( (I forget the name. ) Look at ST. Basils in Moscow. All of these are beautifully done and world class architecture. Look at a lot of the Mcmansions being built in America, some of them are horrendous. All we do on this site is give our opinions about the style, decorating, and settings of some of these houses. We are not attacking Russia, just stating an opinion on some modern architecture.

        • rob

          PS. We are generally not very fond of Australian houses either.

        • weisser

          Well … I’m not here to curse. I just wanted to express my opinion.
          Sorry for my English. I rarely write for here…

  • Joseph

    Once again, another example of China trying to imitate western architecture. I guess the best examples of newly constructed traditional chinese architecture can only be found in amusement parks

  • Grrrowler

    The other Shanghai mansions were much nicer. These are way too “Russian” and just look kind of tacky.

  • lambskin

    Picture #6 is actually what the sky looks like in Shanghai-dirty brown! You can see the brown haze in Picture #5.

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