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  • Chris

    I love them. The first one, though a tad gaudy, is quite nice.

  • Daniel

    They look like overdone doll houses. Honestly, I don’t hate them. They bring a smile to my face, just because they are sooo overdone yet still attempt to keep the classical architecture. Looking at the rest of the pictures, I genuinely like some of the rooms and decor. I think these put most Russian mansions to shame.

  • Justin

    They seem really strange… too tall for their width?

  • david dempsey

    I love them!!…this could be their signature stlye. These are very nice you can see the quality.By the way this is better than anything ive seen in Russian those house are just way too much and ugly.

  • Grrrowler

    They’re quirky, but I like them. They remind me of the mansions in Beijing before Mao’s takeover. The interiors put pretty much every Russian mansion featured on this site to shame; there’s actually some taste in these interiors.

  • mac22

    Dollhouses? Actually that’s a good observation. They are almost too cute, too quaint and very quirky, but the quality seems to be there. Very well done little fantasy palaces. LIke these alot. Just surprised to see that the preferred style is still very traditional, very western and very non-Asian. Would love to see a Chinese billionaire’s take on a traditional Chinese courtyard house, although to impress fellow business types he would probably have to build a French Chateau instead.

  • lambskin

    Quirky-like the white grand piano near the shallow end of the pool?

    • Organbrett

      If it is a real piano all that humidity could ruin it quickly. I know they don’t like dry arid areas with no humidity. R.I.P. piano!

  • rob

    This place looks like a pretty little fantasyland. Something about it reminds me of the British Raj. Sort of a cross between the British Raj, Disneyworld, and modern China. I like them. I agree that their is something odd about the height to width ratio, but I kind of like that. I would love to see some aerial photos of this place. A lot depends on how these are laid out. Overall a kind of funky take on architecture. The interiors look pretty good.

  • architect121

    They are very disney-esque, almost reminds me of world showcase at Epcot, trying to recreate different historical styles, almost successful, but you can still tell something is off.

  • Joseph

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’m not angry due to how these look. They are actually quite nice. I just HATE it when people build copy-cat houses that don’t belong where they are built. I want to see a traditional chinese style house in mansion form. It would be a shame if every house in the world were a mock-med or faux chateau.

    • NOVA Ben

      That’s a little like saying every home in America should be a scaled-down version of the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, VA. Part of the attraction is that it’s different.

      • Joseph

        Hmm, the U.S. is a primarily western nation. Most “European influenced” mansions bear little resemblance to their European counterparts as well (they always end up looking cartoonish). Prairie style is a “Usonian” style. Art Deco is often based off of pre-columbian architecture (ex. mayan revival architecture). Homes in Europe are never made of siding. Most new developments in the US contain siding, especially craftsman styled homes (also american influenced). There is a difference between unique and something that doesn’t belong. A british regency mansion would look awful in the midwestern U.S. but a neat looking vernacular modern wouldn’t. Just as a log and shingle lodge wouldn’t make sense if it were built in New Mexico. The americas have their own architectural identity.

        I’ve noticed that many nations that have boomed in the last few decades have built modern homes in their own style as well. Dubai has really nice looking islamic-styled villas. Japan’s housing has vague influences. Although Russian houses are tacky, they do a pretty good job at the baroque style. The fact is though that China is loosing their cultural identity. I would really like to see a brand-new traditional Chinese mansion (if they do exist). These western copy-cats do not impress me.

  • Hunter

    These remind me of the classic houses built in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s all over America..Most of them have been torn down now. Beautiful homes..I love how they look..

  • NOVA Ben

    I definitely agree with Daniel that these are far better than most of what the Russians are building. Wouldn’t want one myself, but they’re nice enough to look at. I think I like the one in photo #7 the best.

    High quality piano in the humid pool room? Not such a brilliant idea.

    • Grrrowler

      The piano is there so the owners can recreate this scene, but with a live pianist:

    • weisser

      America has the most magnificent examples of world architecture. This is undeniable. But America has a mega-ton of architectural waste too.
      Is Donald Trump or David Siegal are Russian? That’s only the most egregious examples of American bad taste. I can list you dozens of tasteless projects in America.
      You are snob. You’re talking as if you were a representative of old money that have condescending look at the nouveau riche. But you aren’t “old money”! You are a only few pompous kilobytes on the end of the internet’s cable. I think your snobbery is false cover of your psychological complexes. And sorry for my English. I’m native Russian.

      • Teddi

        It’s really not snobbery to state the obvious. Most of the mansions/estates that have been featured here on HOTR from Russia have looked incredibly gaudy and tacky. But given Russian history, how is that surprising? Peter the Great built his palaces to rival anything France could conceivably come up with. Catherine the Great’s building boom was to show France and Italy that Russia had wealth and could rival them in court life. The aristocracy took their cue from them and built their mansions accordingly and kept running with it. Given that history then of course we expect to see a lot of over-the-top residences. When the point of a building is to do little more than shout at all visitors “We have money!!!” then of course gaudiness and tackiness will ensue.

        So what? Texas is also holding down the fort on the “we’re big and rich” tackiness here. It doesn’t mean that all Texan houses are gaudy. It doesn’t mean that mansions outside of Texas won’t be tacky. It simply means that based on what we’ve been shown here, mansions from certain places seem to have more than their fair share of gilding issues. You seem to be confusing snobbery with discernment. Take the chip off your shoulder and accept it for what it is.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, what is Golf Colf? LOL I think you meant Golf Club? Anyway these look like great quality. Any photos of the interiors?

    • Kenny Forder

      OMG that’s embarrassing -_- Thanks for the correction, Tony! lol

  • Tony

    By the way I like house #1 the best. And I like the last house in image #8 the second best. The last house looks like something that would great in Palm Beach.

  • Bill_in_NY

    The second one would be perfect for Herman Munster if he were a billionaire.

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