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  • Grrrowler

    Gorgeous location and views. The front facade isn’t bad, but WTF is that cheap-ass looking garage door doing spoiling the entire front of the house?! The carport/storage area on the back of the house is tacky and cluttered looking, and needs to go. I like the verandas on the different sides of the house.

    In spite of the oversaturated interior pics, I like a lot of it. The furnishings are quirky, but at least they’re not boring.

  • mak

    Nice. I like the barrel room. Just think how much fun you could have rolling those barrels around.

    • DR.VEGAS

      You call rolling barrels around…”fun”?!
      Are you training for the “Worlds Strongest Man” competition?

      • mak

        Dear Dr, Vegas.

        I want to apologize for my lack of clarity within my last post. It seems that my turn of phrase “rolling barrels around” could be construed as a flippant comment. Yes, in fact I AM in training for competition for the worlds Strongest Man contest, but I failed to note in that post that what I really meant was packing the barrels full of monkeys and THEN either rolling, or better yet, THROWING said barrels around. There is nothing MORE fun then rolling or throwing barrels of monkeys around. While it takes strength to do so, the monkeys find it rather disorienting, and will do all sorts of hilarious “off balance” stunts afterwards, like linking their hands together while hanging off lights and other high placed objects, such that they create long chains of monkeys. The fun is palpable.

        The true test of strength, however, is dealing with the multitude of people who find the idea of a woman competing in a men’s contest detestable and I thank you for not making jokes about my involvement in such a competition.


        • The Last Man Standing

          You win a cookie as the best post I’ve seen this week.

          • mak

            Just a cookie? Damn,. I have to try harder!


    Far from “statement architecture”…but at least not unpleasant for such a large space.It’s a functional plantation build.

  • NOVA Ben

    This isn’t as bad as I was expecting. Photo #6 is confusing…I’m not sure what’s going on there. The rest isn’t bad, minus the front-facing garage door. If your house isn’t shoe-horned onto a tiny lot, there’s no excuse for that kind of design element.

  • Daniel

    Looks like a clubhouse.

  • Chris

    Its quite nice. I like it.

  • lambskin

    What is that thing haniging over the pool? Don’t tell me that it is the TV or the ‘home theater’?

    • Mak

      It’s a atmospheric projector. In case of rainy days, one can project a picture of a sunny day on all of the glass doors. It allows the rich person to escape those “rainy day blues” that afflict those of us of more modest means while we sit in our indoor pools watching the rain fall outdoors.

  • Hunter

    WOW!!! That is pretty spectacular!!

  • Dani

    With a $25m price tag I would expect more. What’s with the lack of trees around the house and who paints their house grey?!? How drab!

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