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  • Grrrowler

    The exterior isn’t bad, but it’s trying too hard to be grand. And, even worse, it doesn’t fit in with the surrounding houses at all, and sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. I’m not sure why this house design was chosen for this neighborhood, since it looks completely out of place.

    I sort of like the interior for the most part. The main rooms look nicely scaled and I like the décor. Some of the other rooms are not so great. The theater could be a lot better: who puts windows in a theater? The main kitchen is also not worthy of the house, and the marble slabs seem more stuck on than an integral part of the design.

    • Barabara Mckenzie

      Nice house, that fits in well to area with great homes, nice views, and awesome finish in and outside, so put your nose in for those who have money to live life

    • nickf

      It’s absolutely wonderful.

  • Daniel

    Exterior looks dusty. Interior has some nice parts. I’d tear out those wood floors. The theater faux-finishing is heinous. The 2-room kitchen looks very small. The marble on the walls, as Grrrowler said, looks like a poorly executed afterthought. They could have at least made it reach the ceiling. Can someone explain the pricing strategy to me. What does it mean to accept anything between $3.6M and $3.9M. Wouldn’t someone logically offer the low end of the spectrum?

    • Grrrowler

      I’ve wondered that myself. Unless there’s some type of bidding war, why would anyone want to offer more than the $3.6M? Maybe the agent thinks this place will be in great demand and they’ll have buyers lined up…?

      • Geoffrey

        most aus houses over $3-4m dont even list with a price. Pricing here sucks for the average batter

    • Bradley

      Why tear out gorgeous polished parquetry floors? The marble on the walls looks like an afterthought? How so? Russian mansions posted on this site are almost always denigrated for, among other things, their obsession with making everything out of marble. And suddenly this kitchen doesn’t have enough of it? Arguably then, aren’t all bespoke kitchen bench tops afterthoughts by virtue of the fact the stone isn’t used through out the kitchen? What do you mean by faux-finishing? Educate me.

      • Daniel

        What’s so gorgeous about them? They look like someone applied varnish to wooden fencing. As far as the marble, it’s cheaply applied as-is above the stove top. It’s as if they just glued it on the wall as an afterthought. Why is it jutting out of the wall? You should not be able to see the ends of the marble like that. They should have made that entire wall marble (shttp://haven.altogetherhome.com/assets/images/articles/marc-thee-jeff-strasser-kitchen.jpg) It isn’t bad over the sink however, because the entire wall is clad in marble. Finally, the faux-finshing or wallpaper or whatever it is in the theater looks terrible. Looks like someone painted it with dollar store nail polish.

  • Onions

    It’s about time that some of these mansions come with their own plant room. A big enough one could pay for most of the mortgage alone!

  • BJ

    For a small galley, it’s a bitchin’ kitchen. And I agree with the tags: Australia and swimming pool. Cause that’s about all there is for this one. It’s bound to appeal to someone in a country where the faux el camino (AKA the Holden Ute) is still a modern car.

  • Mak

    I would be WAAYYYY too stressed out trying to live up to this place’s expectations of orderliness and cleanliness. OCD people would love it.

    • Grrrowler

      I resent the insinuation that I have OCD. And by the way, it’s CDO, which is the same as OCD but with the letters are arranged alphabetically, like they should be!!!

      • Mak

        Okayokay for chrise sakes. Have everything YOUR way…you know… all lined up and it their purrrrfect little space.

  • lambskin

    I guess white is the new beige. The front elevation does not fit the rest of the house. I do not like the sink counter along the wall of the outdoor eating patio. This is clearly function over form in a house to appears to be the opposite.

  • Chris

    Its lovely, but I wouldn’t live here.

  • Marky

    I always enjoy americans commenting on australian houses, always very interesting what is noticed and disliked. Not criticising anyones criticisms dont worry haha

    Australian housing market is weird in that land in even middle rung suburbs like this house in North Balwyn is still much more expensive. An single acre in north balwyn without a house would be worth 3-4 million where as in most american cities suburbs in equivalent suburbs you’d expect at least an acre etc.

    Price per square foot of land is pretty whacko (extreme) here as is keeping a garden (basic gardener here on a half acre would cost 100+ dollars a week) and thus you get a lot of people who build new disproprotionately large homes to there block size with maybe a pool/tennis court crammed in, just like this and so many other australian homes on this site (theyre nearly always new build homes on this site too).

    This is because most people (asian and new money buyers in particular) prefer to have a large /new/”custom” house and often cant afford the ideal land to go with it.

    As for the quality of finishes id say that it’s two fold a) it costs a lot for labour/to build here. i.e. this house would be a 1.5-2.5 million build and the land with whatever small house was there before it would have been at least 1.2 million so i doubt they’re even breaking even thats why you get cheapo paint effects and questionable flooring. It’s partially cost cutting, especially if this is an owner developer new to the game.

    Secondly, with the kitchen, its just craftmanship standards, american kitchen makers build to standards/styles of finishes that people demand. Australian cabinet/floorers do the same. In general id say australian kitchens are crafted/finished more like british/western european kitchens. I don’t care to argue which is better i think it’s just taste and what the new build market in respective countries prefer. In general i’d say new builds in america go for contemporary country traditional kitchens with muted colours and chunky bench tops where as australians regardless of the architecture of their new builds such as this pseudo greek temple whatever the fudge this is, go for modern white marble minimalist lined kitchens.

    A modern/minimalist kitchen is rarely out of place in an old australian/european home or in a pseudo traditional new build where as i’d say the opposite exists in most parts of america, a preference for traditional only slightly contemporary kitchens.

    I think this house is just…customised to the owner. An owner with specific tastes like feature paint (shudder) over wallpaper (a preference for paint is not uncommon in australia where wallpaper gets shunned due to the climate, a single room/or feature wallpaper walls is the most you get in many houses, ditto wood wall paneling etc.) and theyve mistakenly cheaped out on the floors and light fittings/paint finishes.

    Sorry epic comment but i feel it covers almost ALL discussions on australian houses ive ever read on this site.

    Also i practically guarantee this is built by an asian home owner and will appeal/sell to an asian family. Their tastes are kind of their own subset/distinct in the australian market. It’s kinda american taste meets russian taste meets unique mainland chinese tastes. New build homes that tempt australian/established renovated home owners to them are usually more contemporary/clean lined and less decorative than this. Think mock georgian exteriors over columns and french chateauxisms, no interior embellishments, lusher gardens etc.

    Like this house would be a good example of 1990s built modern anglo australian tastes although this one is particularly american in its layout/style


    Obviously just a general rule and lots of non asian australians buy/build houses like this north balwyn one too. And lots of asians prefer/buy/build contemporary paired back homes too.

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