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  • rob

    This is always sort of one of the classic houses that I always like. A classic English country estate, although I prefer Ireland, as England can be quite boring. This is, from looking at Bing, a working estate with facilities and dependencies. I would be quite careful about that lake as some satellite photos show it as being dried up. It is decorated in that frumpy overstuffed English country manor house style, which is really quite comfortable. I would be worried about maintenance on this place. Have a good survey done on the the draftiness and insulation. The heating bills in a place like this can bankrupt you. It is also set in what appears to be an area of several great estates, so you could all take turns having each over to dinner. The price seems reasonable and this would suit me more than some of these 100 million pound houses that are being built now. I will take it if someone would cover the heating bills.

    • lambskin

      Picture #4 provides a glimpse as to maintenance-it looks like the cement stairs are crumbling and have mildew, a great need for tuckpointing and water/mildew stains under the windows… It is pretty but to nitpick, that silly step in the kitchen is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Daniel

    It’s nice. Needs a new set of furnishings and some color changes, but it looks workable. I wouldn’t need all the ancillary structures though. Price does seem reasonable given the cost of some other English estates we’ve recently seen.

  • Grrrowler

    This seems kind of sad to me. The whole thing looks faded, and not in the sense of an old but well-loved manor house showing “elegant decay”. It looks like its soul is gone. The exterior is lovely, but the horrible “mid 20th century extension” needs to go. It’s like a goiter on the house. Most of the other outbuildings would need to go too, or at least be move much further from the main house.

    The interior has a lot of possibilities but it’s also in need of a lot of refreshing. When I look at I think of a dowager lady that’s not looking so fresh anymore, but has had some pancake makeup slathered on top to cover up the age. A little plastic surgery would have her looking beautiful again.

    • ZigZagBoom


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