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  • Brian

    This must not be a very desirable area, as the price seems absurdly low given the statistics. The ballroom is really not that well done, and may be considered unfinished, but the specs are impressive. Hardly an architectural masterpiece, but it seems like a good buy for Metro London.

  • Grrrowler

    Richmond isn’t a bad area, but this looks like it’s right next door to some sort of commercial concern. And, the area it’s in is filled with significantly smaller houses, some of which look like they’re actually on the property. The house itself: not bad. I like the exterior, and being on the river is nice. The interior is a letdown, with the ballroom being the biggest disappointment. I would much prefer it if the public rooms had been restored to some sort of former glory, instead of getting the London Contemporary makeover.

    There are more pics at Knight Frank, which aren’t even as flattering as these:

  • ted

    aside from the double hung windows i like it. its understatedly elegant.

    • Dunwoody

      Yes, I agree! They definitely went cheap on the replacement windows, and it severely detracts from the character of the facade.

  • Daniel

    So basically if they don’t know what to use the room for they just put in a pool. The exterior ain’t bad, but there are just too many damn windows. Interior has some nice spaces.

  • cv711

    This house is actually in St Margret’s which is on the other side of the river to Richmond. The house is unfortunately surrounded by other houses, the photos are incredibly deceptive and that’s the main reason why the property hasn’t sold. And when I say surrounded, I mean absolutely surrounded!

  • WrteStufLA

    The renovation WAY too “Candy & Candy” for me. (What is it about those Brits that everyone seems to going Candyland?)

    • NOVA Ben

      I don’t see that at all…are we looking at the same house?

  • dan

    That old chapel would make for a nice swim spa. I appreciate viewing the floor plans. They can give you a more in depth understanding of a property. I like the formailty of the place. I’ve never been fond of todays open floor plans.

    Its a shame the master bedroom is wanting for his & her baths.

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s not bad but it seems like a lot of work is left to be done, and if the above comments concerning how surrounded the home is by other buildings is true, this starts to seem less appealing. The exterior isn’t bad, but it looks faintly like a big block of row homes.

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