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  • Daniel

    If the renderings don’t even have landscaping, I can only imagine how barren the final product will be.

  • Grrrowler

    Thank goodness the rendering shows cars outside the garages, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to put there.

  • george

    If you read the listing on realtor.com you are left with the impression that the price is all inclusive of house and land. My opinion, don’t do business with people who try to deceive you.

  • Puresouthern


  • The Last Man Standing

    It’s a crappy McMansion computer mock up. Imagine how poorly built and crappy it will be in real life.

  • NOVA Ben

    Leave it to a New Jersey place to put computer-rendered Ferraris in front of the computer-rendered McMansion. Ugh.

  • rob

    Never trust a rendering.

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