Newly Built 16,500 Square Foot Mansion In Great Falls, VA

This brand new gated mansion is located at 633 River Bend Road in Great Falls, VA. It is situated on 5 acres and features a fountain and columned entrance. There is a total of 16,500 square feet of interior living space and an additional 6,500 square feet of outdoor living space. It features 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 2-story foyer with grand double staircase, marble and hardwood floors throughout, music room, step-down formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, 2-story great room with fireplace, gourmet kitchen, home office, lower level kitchen, wine cellar, home theater, laundry rooms on each level, two 2-car garages, terrace and covered patio space, swimming pool with spa and more. It is listed at $7,900,000.



  1. I’m sorry, but I get a terrible Giudice vibe from this, especially from photo #2. Ain’t a single thing I like about it.

  2. The exterior, both front and back, is really ugly. The captials on the columns around the front entrance are too big, and the whole facade is unbalanced. The rear of the house is nothing special, and looks like the architect gave up. The repeated bay shapes aren’t appealing, and then there’s the portion on the left side added to throw it all off balance.

    The interior furnishings are ghastly. All of them need to go. Underneath all the faux-French tat there are some decent room proportions, with the exception of the living room (which is too small overall, but also too tall and narrow). To counter that, the kitchen is too big. Actually, the more I look at it the more I realize I’m trying to find things to like it about it, and I’m failing. I kind of hate it after all.

  3. I find this very interesting since the owners just recently moved into this house a few months ago.

  4. The ornate statues of dead people leading down the driveway make the curb appeal of this structure appear to be that of a large crypt mausoleum.

    This place is much too creepy except for a good Halloween bash !

  5. Just all kinds of McMansiony WRONGNESS.

  6. I want to take a baseball bat to the garbage lining the driveway, and a very large amount of C-4 to the rest of the place.

    smack smack smack smack BOOOOOM!

    all better!

  7. Reading the comments always annoy me. Everything you guys say is negative and makes no sense. This house is awesome and I can’t wait to see it in person.

  8. Utterly horrid. Will be purchased by some typical DC parvenu: a government contracting executive, corporate lobbyist or whatnot.

  9. Damn! serious column fail..

  10. The massive dead tree sticking out like a skyscraper behind the house just puts the icing on the cake hahaa..

  11. Mom told me if I could not say anything nice….

  12. This thing is just hideous. McLean/Great Fall, for whatever reason, has no shortage of absolutely hideous homes. They’re expensive, too. Look at this one for $8M that is roughly 3-miles outside the Beltway and compare it to the house you have listed in Buckhead/Atlanta. That Buckhead home is absolutely beautiful (with some great landscaping too), it’s in center of the best neighborhood in Atlanta and it’s almost half the price.

    DC is a strange place. Most of the homes in Georgetown and Bethesda/Chevy Chase are very well put together and nicely decorated. The homes in McLean all seem to have forgotten to use a professional designer.

  13. What is it with rich people putting ugly marble columns in all the wrong places. LOL!

  14. Well this is just awful. From first glance this looked more like something you’d see in Atlanta. Everything is overdone, and not in a remotely good way at all. This definitely does not put Great Falls’ best foot forward, to say the least.

    It’s a shame, too. River Bend Road is quite beautiful. It deserves better.

  15. Photos 7-13 inclusive are actually fine, with the first half of those looking amazing tbh. It’s the rest that are horrific.

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