Desert Star Construction

Desert Star Construction is a residential and commercial development firm based in Scottsdale, AZ. They have designed some incredible homes, most of which are of Spanish/Hacienda styles. Check out some of their work above. I’m really liking the “Enchanted Retreat” home they built; so beautiful!



  1. Some lovely houses. I love the rusticity of the houses in pics 1 and 3 here, although the interiors don’t seem overly special. The interior of The Statesman (which sounds like a generic design in a suburban tract house development) would get my vote for favorite interior. It’s just too bad they’re all in Arizona…

  2. 8 is my favorite. As Grrrowler mentioned, too bad they’re in Arizona.

  3. I could easily live in all but #2. Long before I stumbled on to HOTR, I cruised the homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. I’m quite in love with the rustic style. I just wish some of them were built in the northern states.

  4. The Shangri-La house on their website is my favorite. Quite a lovely house.

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