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  • Daniel

    It’s cool but gimmicky at the same time. The TRON inspired lighting ain’t bad, but it just seems so out of place considering the location.

  • Grrrowler

    Wow, so many style trends combined on terrace. Each individual area is decent, but taken as a whole it’s trying way too hard.

  • Matt

    Harold Leidner does some of the best landscapes in the dfw area. my favorite one of his is the “secluded private retreat” on his profile on houzz.com

  • WrteStufLA

    I love the “Texas outrageous” idea here. Would love to combine it with an even more outrageous cantilevered pool located atop a Dallas hotel just a few blocks away. Check it out:



  • BJ

    Tim Headington’s place. Oilman and movie producer (GK Productions) who also owns the swank Lumen and Joule hotels. If he is giving up this place, wonder what trophy property he has in his sights?

  • Randy

    The designer simply went to the Delano Hotel in South Beach and copied Philippe Stark’s idea of the oversized lawn chess set and exact overhead lamp shades ..(boring) . This balcony is best used to host a Rave

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