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  • Daniel

    Good grief. Someone really confident must shower in #7. #12 looks easy to clean. I would want one with a lot of space. Showers I’m not to picky on…

  • Jeff P.

    My God, these are all brilliant! I’m partial to the ones that are also functioning steam rooms.

  • Grrrowler

    Most are pretty boring, and are just tiled cubes with glass doors. Numbers 6 and 15 are the most interesting, although 6 is still just a cube hidden by logs.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, you should feature the most amazing bathrooms. Just focusing on the shower is kinda boring lol.

  • rob

    I am going to go with 6 just because I like the feel of warm wood on my naked buttocks. Enough said.

  • C

    Not one of them is particularly interesting….You could have found a lot better showers… like the shower in Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion…or the shower in the now sold 101 Canyon Circle E in Austin TX.

  • dan

    They all look pretty cool. #6 is nice because of the adjacent sauna.
    Based on design, I like #8. I prefer windowless showers!

  • Leonardo

    The feature wall for No 2 is brilliant, in no small part due to the kaleidoscope of colours. Showers are one of the most important aspects of a home for me, and absolutely nothing beats standing in one with natural light permeating the water droplets so as to create what appears to be pearls cascading down the body.


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