$8.95 Million Limestone Mansion In Highland Park, IL With Indoor Pool | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    The turquoise kitchen and the double width garage door say it all…

  • ted

    …..the indoor pool is nice

  • Sam

    oh the kitchen is beautiful…

    one of the ugliest mcmansions i’ve ever seen, and its old too

  • Sam

    Another sam, great.
    The house is hideous looking, it looks like a mesh of different styles, the large boxy additions looks contemporary and does not fit in with the overall look of the home. The kitchen is alright, it just doesn’t go with the rest of the interior, I think most homes are like this these days, you decorate all your rooms without knowing there is no running theme, we have an ultra modern kitchen then slightly outdated living areas, but I’m surprised with enough money surely you’d be able to get it right…

  • ted

    yeah i actually dont hate the kitchen for some reason.

  • Grrrowler

    Oh dear. There isn’t one thing about this I don’t find abhorrent. Actually, that’s not true: the North Shore location and the waterfront lot are nice. The best thing that can happen is that this torn down and something nice built to do justice to the lakefront lot.

  • NOVA Ben

    This has none of the elegance and charm of many of the other lakefront mansions in this area…Absolutely disgraceful.

  • Joseph

    Really?! Of everything that’s for sale on the north shore, this is the one that had to be picked… I mean, it has multiple palladian windows and a front facing garage! There are plenty of nice mansions in Lake Forest, Highland Park, and even Evanston. This would be the last one I would pick.

  • dan

    Actually, I could like the kitchen if it were finished in cherry wood and had a pressed tin ceiling.

  • mak

    I think Kenny likes to post these kinds of houses because they get a rise out of everyone, and the comments flow like water. amirite?

  • C

    I have to say Kenny…. Chicago and northburbs have some beautiful homes.

    But you always only post literally the ugliest houses in Chicago. Not quite sure why.

    • Joseph

      He is from New York, isn’t he?

    • ZigZagBoom

      That’s true. I can’t remember exactly where I was because I was with people from work and they were driving…somewhere around Libertyville (all I remember is my boss loved the bar called “Firkin” there) but we also saw the lake, too, so that must have been over in Lake Forest. Anyhow there were some lovely old 1910s-1950s mansions every bit as nice as those along the Main Line.

  • Nick

    I hadn’t realized Teresa Giudice had moved to Chicago….

  • ZigZagBoom

    Teresa Giudice? OMFG!
    I was just about to post “Real Housewives of Chicago” with no other commentary!!! Great minds think alike! This place is stomach turning!

  • lambskin

    Hideous-inside and out. But to nitpick-as I always do-the pool area is a mess. Can you imagine trying to water the plants perched atop the rocks-one slight move and SPLASH! Also, all that money to put in parquet and marble floors and most of them are covered with butt-ugly needless rugs. And what was in the center of the master bath inside the pillars? Me thinks it was a tub-that never worked- and the whole thing was closed off and the ugly settee was place to cover the hole!

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