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  • Grrrowler

    Again, really? I guess I should ask if we’ve seen this house before, about a dozen and one times now. I’ve grown very bored with these traditional+contemporary mashups. The exterior of this is not even as interesting as the last house, but I do prefer the underground garage. I like the interior less than the previous house. It’s definitely less personal feeling; hotel-like is a good way to describe it. I just can’t get excited over all these houses in/around London that are all so similar.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Agree. These are apparently the UK equivalent of the nouveau riche palaces we have in the suburbs of certain US cities, like the nauseating place in Great Falls a few posts down. Yes the overall impression created by the “mashup” is dispiriting, but not completely sickening; I have to give these a slight edge in overall tastefulness. The exteriors are somewhat minimalistic and certainly not as overwrought as what we often expect, and dread, from American McMansions. The interiors have an “upscale Tokyo/LA/NYC hotel” like blandness but I suppose this sort of faux modernity is appealing in a country where average age of homes is much older than most of the US (though not necessarily parts of the Northeast) and so many buildings, whether residences or public spaces, make “pretensions of Englishness.”

    • Kenny Forder

      The last home’s interior was too plain jane for my taste. This one is at least a bit more “glam” =) haha

      • Grrrowler

        It is definitely more glam, and that’s what is less appealing to me. There’s nothing wrong with glam, it’s just not my style.

  • Daniel

    The exterior looks strange. Almost as if the weight of the roof squished the first floor a bit. And too much roof is visible from ground level. I prefer the interior decoration on this one. The windows flanking the living room fireplace look terrible. So now I know where they got the inspiration for the China fight scene in “Skyfall” (shoe closet). The rest I would leave mostly untouched, except for the paisley wallpaper throughout.

  • lambskin

    Ugliest and cheapest wine room yet…and that is saying a lot.

  • ted

    the exterior is meh… the interior is beautiful except for the lack of color.

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