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  • Hunter

    Sweet!! Love this place..Now only if it were on the ocean in Miami Beach..then it’d be insane..But I’ll take it like this, no problem..

  • mattc.

    Backyard pool is awesome.
    Not sure about the desert location, though.
    BTW – Look closely at the master bedroom pics… is that some type of fabric on the walls with foam or something behind it to make it puff out around all the electrical outlets ? Kindof weird.

  • Daniel

    Fantastic pool and how they made those palms curve in photo 15 is nothing short of extraordinary. The house is nice, nothing all that special.

  • mak

    Hate. It.

  • Grrrowler

    Love the pool, hate the exterior, and I’m ambivalent toward the interior.

  • dan

    I am completely in love with this house. Its understated elegance, in the “santa barbara” style is perfect. Nothing inside or out offends me. Well, the oven needs a larger hood and the carpet in the M/B has got to go.

    Fine materials (onyx bar), wow. My dream walk in fridge. The entire estate is neatly landscaped with symmetry of purpose.

    If I must live in the desert – so be it.

  • Bcurranjr

    Classic case of Olive Garden Revival.

    • dan

      thats funny. I want my dream home to look like the local Olive Garden!

      • FireCapt

        Yup. Especially when lunch or dinner rolls around and I’m doing my one hundredth loop around the lazy river and the chef asks me how many meatballs and Red or White sauce I’d like.Color me common.I’m good with that.

  • organbrett

    If you visit the listing agent’s page you can download a .pdf of the floor plan. According to this the only walk-in fridge is the wine one that you see from the front and behind. I too wanted a walk-in fridge. You see this more in Arizona than any other area.

    • lambskin

      Probably much needed just to walk in and cool off in Arizona’s August!

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