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  • Daniel


  • Justin

    What I want to know (and it’s probably a stupid question) is where do these people park their cars? Do they not own cars and just get around via chauffeur or are there big car storage areas that people put their cars in til they need to get out to the Hamptons? It’s always puzzled me.

    • dan

      good question.

    • Stephen

      Most don’t have cars here. A lot of people have drivers and the other people take taxis, subways, and busses around the city.

  • dan

    I’m not fond of living in glass houses, especially one located on a city street. That said, i’ve seen floor plans (i couldn’t find this one) for skinny town-homes and they are so contrived. They are beautifully done up on the interiors but all the spaces have odd shapes and you are living on 5 different floors. If a person skipped the elevator they could easily stay in good shape.

  • Joseph

    I’d rather live in the house next to it.

  • Grrrowler

    It would make a nice architect’s office.

  • BJ

    The first LEED home in the neighborhood? Oh, that’s quaint. Pinned on there like absolution for the conspicuous consumption. Just doing their part to responsibly conserve resources in their $40M 10,000 sqft townhouse. Heh. I’m sure their cocktail circles must revere such items or else it wouldn’t be there. And kudos to the builder as the “green” tag enables a 20% markup in most any home built with LEED certification. Well played…slow clap…

  • NOVA Ben

    To paraphrase Daniel:


  • oranges

    What’s with the huge decorative contemporary stone element above the front door that spans all 5 stories. It’s New York! Where are the windows!!!!

    • NOVA Ben

      I would guess that there are windows on the narrow sides of that outcropping where we can’t see them from dead-on.

  • Bcurranjr

    For a modern design, the facade is too busy. The treatment of the east (glass) side of the building is the main problem. The Juliette balcony, the bifurcated windows, and the glass balcony railing all distract form what otherwise would be a rather pleasant assembly of strong forms.

  • mac22

    Well I’d rather have the older early 20th century townhouse next door any day than this office building. Very bland for a residential townhouse.

    Also people in NYC who actually have their own cars, usually park them in garages, but call ahead when they want to use them for a weekend. The car is then taken down from a long term storage area or multile level car rack and made available at the time the owner needs it. It’s less expensive than typical parking rates, but you never have the car available unless you call ahead, sometimes 24 or 48 hours notice is required.

  • ted

    sorry. i kind of like it. it’s different from your typical upper east side townhome.

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