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  • Daniel

    All in all, a nice home. Looking at the Streetview, the two detached garages kind of block the exterior. Not terrible, but they do stand out more than they should. I pretty much like the interior as-is, minus a few color and furniture changes. The rooms look appropriately scaled, and the tall ceilings really help let the light in. Only thing I couldn’t live with are the kitchen cabinets.

    • ZigZagBoom

      “All in all, a nice home.”
      What he said.

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like it. I agree with Daniel that the garages block the view of the house from the street, but I don’t mind that. It provides a reveal as people drive up to the house. I love that there are two different street entrances.

    The interior is lovely. Some of the spaces are impersonal and lack color, but some appropriate artwork would fix that. The proportions of the rooms look very good, and I really like the tray ceiling in the master bedroom. I hate the theater but the rest of it makes up for that. I love the courtyard and think it’s the best part of the whole house.

  • lambskin

    I love this house-so elegan and ubnderstated. But no pool?

  • GeorgetownHoya

    Gorgeous. Atlanta is home to some of the best interior designers and residential architects in the country, IMO.

    While it’s not really the style of house I would choose, it’s clearly elegant and beautifully done, nonetheless.

    • ZigZagBoom

      I basically agree. We’ve seen a few ugly ones in Atlanta, but it’s not the pattern of consistent travesty after travesty I’ve come to expect from certain regions of the country and their suburbs. I wonder what the magic ingredient is. I love social theorizing but I’m not coming up with anything very obvious or plausible. One problem with the DC area is that a lot of those “beyond Chevy Chase” McMansions – if you will – are bought by two income couples or formerly two income couples, and/or people who are definitely recent immigrants to the upper middle classes. (if you actually have to work, you’re not upper class. That being said, almost all of the upper classes do work. It’s unseemly not to.) In Atlanta, I don’t think the latter condition is very different – maybe a little bit more old money, perhaps – but the former one could be. A “stay at home” trophy wife, who had been cultivated to become that, might have more time to develop good taste in domiciliary affairs. But then, I would also expect more of these sort of women in the Midwest and Texas, but there we see some of the most atrocious examples of McMansioniana americanus.

  • Sam

    I love high ceilings in houses but 14 ft is pretty high.. my neighbor is building a house with 12 ft ceilings and that seems like as high as i would go, any higher looks a little ridiculous unless your house is like over 20000 square feet

    • ZigZagBoom

      It depends on the vernacular of the house, and IMHO it works really well with this one.

  • Sam

    This is far from french inspired. More like italianate inspired and it is VERY boring! I guess in this day and age, that is not too much money for a house, but for that kind of price, it should have something.

    • ZigZagBoom

      It’s actually not stylized enough to be high Italianate; the style is a minimalistic take on a certain Mediterranean country house style that could be French, Italian or even Catalan or Swiss.

  • dan

    The 14 ft ceilings are a good fit for these rooms. They did drop the ceiling over the kitchen – that was a mistake. This is a house that certainly cannot be judged by it’s exterior appearance.

  • Chris

    Quite nice, I love it.

  • Turbo

    Just when you though Atlanta couldn’t get any tackier….

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