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  • Lonnie

    The staircase is amazing!

  • WrteStufLA

    Beautiful property. When you go to the Knight Frank listing page, look for the link labeled “brochure” and download the pdf. It’s 54 pages long, with floorplans and much more photography, including of the grounds and interior details.

  • Daniel

    Fantastic. Love it and most of the decorating. Only complaint is the kitchen island – looks very low, but it may be the camera angle.

  • Grrrowler

    Stunningly beautiful. I absolutely love it. It looks like it could have been there for 200 years, but it comfortable and modern; it’s grand but not stuffy. Unlike so many other houses that are sold furnished, I’d actually want most of the furnishings in this one.

  • marc22

    B E A U T I F U L…………………..Nothing else need be said. An instant classic.

  • rob

    Yes, yes, yes. What more could you want? Beautiful classic house but thoroughly modern inside in a gorgeous location. Beautifully decorated. This is my dream house. Go out for a little grouse hunting and then come home to this beautiful house in a great setting. Love the way they kept the classical features of a 17th century manor house.

    • rob

      Just read the brochure and now I love it even more. It is set on a river island and the rapids can be controlled by gates on your private bridge. The attatched properties, particularly the hunting lodge, are gorgeous as well. This would be a great estate to own just to have your own little private sanctuary, as the Scottish Highlands are pretty unpopulated.

  • The Last Man Standing

    I was shocked it was only built in 2006. I didn’t think they had architects who still understood space and quality.

    The only sour note was the curtained walls in photo #9. But heck, that’s a quibble.

    For all the rest it is excellent. And, it meets my two greatest priorities. It has a wonderful library, and it has plenty of ground around it. At over 500 acres, THAT’S a mansion.

  • Chris

    Oh dear god this mansion is perfect. I’m madly in love. Its truly one of the best houses I’ve ever seen on this website. I would own it in a heartbeat. That staircase is heavenly.

  • Coon

    Favorite house on HOTR

  • NOVA Ben

    I did a short-term study abroad program in Scotland in 2007 when I was in college, and I’d KILL to be able to go back…such an awe-inspiring, beautiful country.

    This estate is beautiful as well. I thought from the outside it HAD to be old, so I was surprised at the build date. There isn’t a single part of this place I dislike…absolutely stunning, outside and in.

    • NOVA Ben

      As a few others above have said, the e-brochure is WELL worth a look, it’s beautifully done and really gives a more thorough appreciation of this property.

  • ZigZagBoom

    I too spent a summer in Scotland. Amazing place.

    “Love the way they kept the classical features of a 17th century manor house.”
    “I was shocked it was only built in 2006.”
    “I thought from the outside it HAD to be old, so I was surprised at the build date.”
    Yes, yes, and yes. This is my favorite house ever featured on HOTR. I had an inkling it might be new, but that made me all the more impressed with it. Truth that a real mansion can be still be built, if the right people are involved…and the right amount of money. I have no doubt they are turning a profit (over construction and land acquisition costs) at £15,000,000, but not as much of a profit as some of the shoddily built hulks in the US we’ve previously seen on this website.

    However I must say that this would not be my dream place to live in Europe. It’s rather chilly there: average summer high temp. in July is something like 63F. That makes San Francisco look warm! And the winters are LONG and have very short, dark days. Not to say I wouldn’t trade it for what I’ve got!

  • ZigZagBoom

    Notice that they used plain old radiators for heat. I might have preferred radiant slab flooring, but that’s a minor quibble. Point is radiant heat is vastly superior to “scorched air”, but very few rich people (in this country at least) actually know that and as a result it’s seldom seen as a feature of “upscale” homes.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Great Scot! No pun intended. The brochure is breathtaking AND informative…thanks for the tip WrteStufLA. Look at those pictures of the construction…commercial building crane on-site! Amazing that they have city water…can you imagine the cost of running the line out to this place? It seems it would have been cheaper to install a commercial grade filtration plant for the river water, but, whatever. Love how the room for the electricals is called the “switch room”.
    Truly a dream property. Seems like I’m not alone in that assessment…I’m glad we can all agree on something!

  • mak

    Nice. It’s remote though. Where’s the helipad?

    • NOVA Ben

      Wherever you damn well please, considering the whole island is yours 😉

  • mattc.

    Now THIS is a house for the ages.
    Time for all the McMansions to bow down to this one !

  • Clive

    Great house, the comments about the location are very true, I would love this house somewhere warmer, even southern Scotland would be better. I can’t understand why people paint over brickwork when it looks so good by itself, they are only lining up more maintenence.

  • Clive


    It doesn’t say that the rapids are controlled from gates on your own bridge. What it says is that the rapids are controlled from a bridge up-stream, Beuly power station is up-stream and I am assuming that the river is controlled from there, and of course, you would have nothing to do with the controlling.

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