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  • Daniel

    I like it. Looks like a great place to escape to with family and friends for an extended weekend.

  • rob

    Looks like a real party house. Great place to just have family and friends over to kick of their shoes and have a good time. Not really decorated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the family wasn’t the decorator. Unpretentious, but does it need to be. It is a multi million dollar ski chalet. Who do you need to impress. Great vacation house. Love the pic where the skis and boots are just thrown in that room. Looks like a lot of fun with some probably very cool and down to earth people.

  • Grrrowler

    Is it a private house or a boutique hotel? If it were my house, I don’t think I’d have a mini van with the name of the chalet plastered on the side (or any mini van for that matter).

    This is the second mountain house in as many days with a fire pit idea in the middle of the living space. The more I see the idea the less I like it. The living and bedrooms look nice with the slightly darker wood, but I hate the party spaces. I think the kitchen is great, but the barstools in the middle of the room would be the first things to go.

  • Mak

    You’re right. I think it really is a small hotel.

    Casino? Who are you playing against? Yourself? Hotel hotel hotel.
    Pool in the basement with barstools in the water? What’s THAT all about.
    Van with the name of your Chalet plastered on the side? Hotel hotel hotel.
    Disco? Hotel hotel hotel.
    Las Vegas Lightshow on the exterior? Hotel hotel hotel

    I think it started its life as a hotel, but it went bust so someone bought it and tried to turn it into a private residence.

  • NOVA Ben

    Not bad overall, it has a nice rustic feel to it but still has modern touches to keep it fresh. For 20,000 square feet, though, the kitchen looks incredibly cramped.

  • Jeff P.

    I agree with everyone who said it would be a fun place to vacation with a group of family or friends.

    But maybe it’s just me – when I think ‘ski chalet’, I think of cozy not cavernous, low natural beam ceilings with a thick couch, or a couple of wingback chairs, or just a few fur rugs all oriented towards a glowing stone hearth. Add a great view, and that’s it. Less is more.

  • lambskin

    It’s in France… where is the wine celler?

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