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  • Daniel

    The exterior irks me. The indoor tennis court looks like a giant wart. The interior is very ho-hum, with the staircase being the only positive I see.

  • Sam

    Agreed. From the staircase it goes downhill. I dont understand why people would want an indoor tennis court anyway, it looks so commercial and unflattering from the outside, not to mention it wastes so much room! My house housing estate could fit inside that!

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is unbalanced and somewhat unwelcoming. It’s not obvious where the front door is from a distance and there’s nothing to draw one in toward the house. The interior is predictably plain and impersonal. With the scant furnishings removed, there’s very little detailing or specialness.

    The tennis pavilion is an eyesore. If someone has the money to build and maintain a multi-million dollar house, why wouldn’t they spend the extra money to have the tennis court built fully or partially undergound?

    • Andrew

      I’m not a builder but I suspect putting the court underground would not be just a matter of a few extra grand – it would put the cost on another level altogether.

  • lambskin


  • Mak

    With 20 acres, you would think that they could have found a spot to put the court without making it an eyesore. Stooopit.

  • Andrew

    Not much here that would be attractive to a casual onlooker, but clearly the owners cared more about the convenience of having an indoor tennis court next to their home then they did about proportions, balance and visual appeal of the building. And fair enough.
    It might not be a strong selling point though unless they find a similarly-minded individual.

  • dan

    I take Andrew’s point well. This personal customization of so many homes cuts both ways. The home appealed to “somebody”, obviously not us.

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