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  • Daniel

    Okay, I am starting to think these Brits only have ONE interior designer they use, and he/she is color blind. Seriously, how many times have we seen the white/off white/smoke color used in these London homes? The theater and indoor pool are amazing, everything else is fine but impersonal.

  • Grrrowler

    Why are there no pictures of the front? The exterior is nice, enough. As for the interior, I’m beginning to think that everyone buys their furniture from the same place. I’m not a fan of traditional exteriors with contemporary interiors. Having contemporary pieces with the traditional backdrop is great, but not this where there’s so little character. The entrance hall is cold and impersonal, and sets the tone for the rest of the house. I’m just so bored with these cookie cutter London interiors.

  • Mak

    I think this place could be called Bleak House.

    One thing that bugs me is the relationship of the dining room to the kitchen. Service has to go out of the kitchen, into the “lobby” and then back into the dining room. The flow is just all wrong.

    Then of course, there’s the smoked glass doors.

    • Andrew

      Connecting kitchen and dining areas is a modern concept. The traditional way was to put the kitchen separate and preferably away from dining area as it was where the servants laboured and they had no business mixing with the guests or the family… if they had to serve food, they could walk!

      • NOVA Ben

        So basically, the Brits are content to cram their homes full of ultra-modern kitchens, but are firmly stuck in the past in terms of basic layout and ergonomic flow. Nice.

        • Andrew

          Either that, or they are still content to let their staff do their cooking – a distinct possibility in a home that costs millions of pounds…

      • mak

        That doesn’t make any sense here. It forces both the staff and guests to mix when they are using the entrance to the dining room. If they wanted old school, then they should have designed it with a service kitchen in the basement.

  • rob

    Gorgeous Robert Adam’s style home, great location. What is up with the interior? This is just another Cool Britania interior like thousands of others in London. What am I missing? The pool is really cool.

  • NOVA Ben

    Look at the floor plan and tell me that “entrance hall” is not a colossal waste of space in relation to the rest of the home.

    I’ll take the theater, they can keep the rest.

    • Jeff P.

      Ditto on the entrance hall, and the theatre. I love when theatres actually have comfy couches instead of those massive leather Capt. Kirk style armchairs.

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