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  • Grrrowler

    Gaudy, gaudy, gaudy, gaudy…gaudy. The rear facade is actually attractive and the front facade isn’t bad. The interior is just…gaudy. Even with the smattering of completely ridiculous furniture, the installed detailing is the problem. For almost $18 million I’d rather have a house that didn’t require stripping out massive parts of the interior.

  • Daniel

    I drive by this every weekday on my way to work. It’s a nice home, but the home directly north is almost a carbon copy. Addison does that more often than it should. If I was in the position to buy something at this price range, I wouldn’t want it to look like my neighbor’s house.

    The home itself ain’t bad. The front facade isn’t very glamorous, and unless you were looking for it, you’d pass by it and never even know it was there. I do like the interior fit and finishes however. The home is very overpriced in my opinion. Hillsboro Beach homes typically can’t carry a price like this unless they’re trophy properties, and I don’t think this falls into that category.

  • Randy

    Looks like a drunk Russian was hired as the decorator

  • Chris

    I like it.

  • Jeff P.

    #7 – that bar belongs in your “best bars” posting from Sunday.

    #14 – a beautiful outdoor room!

    But, unfortunately, that’s all I liked about this very expensive place.

  • lambskin

    It is pretty fussy-but some of the details are beautiful (marble staircase, fireplaces and some of the paneling{pic 8}). The outdoor room, pool and view are really nice. But there is too much crystal lighting, stained glass, frilly cabinetry and ceiling mouldings.

  • mac22

    A bit too much but the staging is terrible. Probably makes the house look worse than it is. Too fussy in the details. Expected alot more.

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