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  • oranges

    Anyone else think the first photo of the exterior looks like an architectual rendering? Really like the ferrari garage

    • Jim Lynn

      I don’t think so. Shadows under trees and bushes look too real.But I have been known to be wrong before.

  • Daniel

    I’ll take the Carrera GT. They can have the rest.

    • DR.VEGAS


  • dan

    Yes, the picture does have a cardboard cut out appearance. The problem with the tub with a view: it looks as if you were laying in the tub, your head would be below the window.

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s not bad, but I find “$15.9 million” and “Michigan” difficult to reconcile.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Yes! It makes me cold just looking at these pictures. I find the house inoffensive.

  • Mike

    Clearly you’ve never been to Bay Harbor

  • Grrrowler

    I sort of like it. It’s not my all-time favorite, but it’s an interesting take on Victorian. The interior looks like a lot of new traditionally-styled houses but I like the modern edge. It would make a very nice vacation house.

    Apropos of nothing, I’m sick of seeing real estate listings with some sort of high end car parked in or in front of the house. We get it: owners of $15 million houses can afford really nice cars too. That doesn’t make me want the house more. Speaking of the price, it does seem a little steep for Michigan, even if it is lake front.

  • nalin

    i want the garage

  • Randy

    Someone needs to tell this owner that his shingle style home is not located in the Hamptons so he needs to reduce the asking price by $10million ! The Carerra GT is the bomb , but that F-430 is so ghetto …lol . Dude, get that sh*t off your turntable and replace it with a 458 Italia . ( I bet he has a small pee-pee and an installed hair system )

    By the way, the interior decorator has incredible taste…I want to have sex with him or her ! xoxoxox

    • Marky

      Every part of this comment is apt and amazing! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  • Dunwoody

    The “Flat Panel TV Over the Fireplace” trend cannot die fast enough for me.

  • Venom

    One of my neighbor’s owns the home 4 houses to the left of this house. His is about half the size and cost almost $6 million so this should be in the $10 million to $12 million range. Bay Harbor is pretty damn fantastic and very pricey and these houses and styles are the norm for there and are gorgeous. The lots when Bay Harbor were first developed were a million dollars plus to start.

    The guy who developed here was also the same guy that developed Turtle Lake and Heron Woods in Bloomfield Hills.

    Don’t fool yourselves, there is a ton of money here in Michigan, and Chicago is a hop skip and a jump away.

  • Chris

    I’ll take the Carrera GT.

  • mattc.

    Anyone else struggling to reconcile the cottage style upstairs interior vs: the modern stainless steel decor downstairs. Seems like a strange flow to me ?

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