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  • Daniel

    Two fantastic properties in a row…this is going to go in the record books. I love this one as-is as well. Fantastic inside and out.

  • rob

    This one is beautiful too. Elegant and understated with all the classic San Francisco elements. Urban and sophisticated. That grey study is quintessentially San Francisco with that view out over the city and the bay. I Like the Victorian touches in the stained glass. Beautiful facade and beautiful decorating.

  • Grrrowler

    Beautiful, gorgeous, elegant, stylish, comfortable, and tasteful. What else is there to say?

    Oh, there is one more thing: the difference in price between 2004 and now has to hurt.

  • Chris

    Its quite nice

  • Jason

    WOW! this is class, tastefulness and refinement personified. I’m impressed from top to bottom. I’ve always wanted to know what a (S)nob Hill or Pacific (W)heights mansion looked like inside. Every picture in the Realtor listing was impressive. And fabulous floor-plans too!

  • NOVA Ben

    Stunning. Kenny, you’re on a roll today

  • marc22

    Oh so very nice.

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