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  • Justin

    I really like this. The kitchen is a bit too one coloured (actually the whole house is a bit too cream for my tastes) but I could certainly live with it. I really like the pool and the views are nice.

  • Daniel

    The front facade is really funky. Looks like a train station we have here in Boca. Interior has some nice details but suffers from odd room sizes. The foyer is nice, but the staircase angle for the lower level looks extreme and is too close to the door. The living room could have been great if only it were 20% larger – as-is, the proportions seem off. The groin vault ceilings are nice but they could use a painted motif here and there (or a simple inlay as in photo 7). Overall it is refreshing to see a home that isn’t slathered in bold faux finishing, swag curtains and oversize, overstuffed furnishings.

  • lambskin

    Ditto re the proportions. I am confused as to its 4.5 acres! This house seems squeezed on this property. Is it they own the land on the downslide beyond the pool? The interior design is a mish mash. I love eclectic-but this looks like it was staged with each room having its own theme with no attention to the overall scheme.

    • NOVA Ben

      Yeah, lot sizes kind of cease to have any meaning when they’re hilly…they should give the actual lot size, and then a second figure they could call “usable acreage”.

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like this. I wish the garages were reoriented away from the entrance, but I may just have to get used to that; it seems like it’s happening on almost every new-build anymore. The interior is tasteful, and lovely. I wish it were a little less monochromatic, but at least it can’t be called gaudy. Some colorful artwork and rugs with more color (and more interesting designs) would be all it needs to come to life.

  • BJ

    An expensive house in Austin not on the water or overlooking the lake is really a tragedy. Add that this is on a street named “cove” nowhere near water and overlooks the Austin Bible Church and well, it compounds the location issue. Redeeming is that it is only about 20 minutes to downtown.

    Agree about the garages. A bummer they couldn’t have done a drive through courtyard with rear garage access. Of course, the shared flag lot driveway is unacceptable for a house in this range. Overall, an excellent house. Just location challenged and built on the wrong lot.

  • Bella Dunn

    I have found my home. I am in love with this home. Time for me to relocate to Austin. I know the people are wonderful. With this home, sounds like a winning life.

  • NOVA Ben

    Uh-oh…I really like this. A lot. The beige is actually okay here, I think I’d splash some bolder accent colors around, but really it’s a fabulous-looking home. I also don’t mind the orientation of the garages, surprisingly…I guess it’s just the hillside look that makes it tolerable. Can’t quite bring myself to like the kitchen, though…it’s too bare.

  • marc22

    Like this home alot also. It probably is true that the hillside lot adds to the homes appeal and the interiors are very well done. I could make this work for my Texas home away from home.

  • Calina Ionita

    Can you post a floor plan of the villa? Please..

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