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  • Dave T.

    The Longview estate is correct. That house house almost no basement, only a wine cellar and mechanicals. Above ground is about 14,500.

    • Kenny Forder

      Oh okay, thanks!

    • Tony

      I agree. I can usually tell when a house is 20,000 square feet or more because they usually have really big wide boxy looking roofs. This house has a fairly narrow roof.

  • Sam

    Lol such a beautiful golf course in pics 5-8.

  • BJ

    Don Wallace’s house is probably not nearly as fascinating as I would find Don Wallace’s car collection. Rumored to be much more extensive than what has been shown on the web, this house may come close to getting it all under one roof.

    Oh, and I am digging the backup gen-set for the house. Equipping it just like an RV. Probably even has a potable water tank to live off of for a few days somewhere there.

    Thanks for the update on this one.

  • Tony

    I like the first house. Only thing I don’t like is that the exterior shape around the doorway looks a little odd but I probably have to see a more close up picture to be sure. Also I am not familiar with Kings Point. I think a big house like this should have been built in a more prominent area like Brookville or Westbury or Katonah or South Hampton or maybe even Alpine NJ or Greenwhich Connecticut. I do like that they have a separate basketball court. Most homes usually have a basketball slash tennnis court in one. Also I like that it has a big backyard and the pool area is off to the side. A lot of houses have the whole backyard taken up by the big Olympic sized pool.

    • Doug

      I can tell from you’re comment that you are not at all familiar with the new York suburbs, not even remotely lol. First of all, Southampton is a summer town, and not a suburb, no one looking to move to alpine, or greenwich or katonah would think oh maybe I’ll move to Southampton. Alpine, kings point, katonah, Greenwich, brookville are all like 30min-1hr d rive from central manhattan. Southampton is at least 2 hours, and that’s with no traffic. Also, katonah is in westchester, brookville and westbury are inland Nassau county and obviously alpine is nj, and Greenwich in ct. They may all be wealthy suburbs, but are not AT ALL comparable in the sense that someone moving to one of those towns would be considering moving to one of the others in the same context. Also, kings point is in great neck on the north shore in Nassau county, not inland like westbury and brookvill. Kings point is, despite what it seems you think, definitly more exclusive than brookville or westbury, this is without a doubt.

      These towns are all totally, totally different. I can understand why someone not from the tri-state area would consider brookville, westbury, katonah, alpine, Greenwich based on real estate blogs. The blogs make it seem like the wealthy suburbs are all the same, but the opposite is true.

    • marc22

      To add to that each town has its own appeal. While Kings Point has smaller plots of land, many newer successful immigrants have made the town their home. It is close to very fine shopping in Great Neck, also easy access to water and yacht clubs and within easy commute to NYC. Houses tend to be showier because many are visible from the streets.

      If one is looking for privacy on a grand estate with 20 acres than Brookville or Old Westbury would be your choice. Both towns are equally exclusive as Kings Point, they just attract a different buyer. Also Old Westbury was and still is known for its horse farms, boarding stables and miles of riding trails.

      That being said number one is beautiful.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Like the first one, find the 2nd one revolting, and am indifferent about the 3rd (Not bad for Florida, though, so I guess that’s a kind of like. The drawing posted earlier were more appealing.)

    • jason

      Exactly how I would have described all three.

  • dan

    I love the first house. like the second, and don’t like the third.
    Agree with what tony said about the arrangement of the back yard – split in thirds . The parking is terrific for having for a huge party.

  • Daniel

    1 is nice, 2 ain’t bad but the lot and the dinky pool are letdowns, 3 is also nice but too nice for the locale. I do like the huge garage though.

  • NOVA Ben

    I will never understand plunking a massive house down on a double lot in a subdivision that will always be surrounded by homes a third its size (in reference to the 2nd home). The design of that home might work on a big piece of land, but as it sits here it just looks silly. I’m indifferent to home #3, but I’d genuinely like to see home #1 up close, as well as interiors.

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