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  • Chance

    Just a comment on the Jeter place. Bought it for $12.7 million, sold it for $15.5 million. Only a 22% return in 11 years on a Manhattan penthouse. Seems like he either bought high or sold low.

    • ZigZagBoom

      It’s the equivalent to most of us paying too much for a laptop computer at Staples.

  • tony

    Put up to any of these places, a home on the 88th floor in Manhattan is just so damn appealing. How could that get old?

  • Daniel

    I agree with tony, the penthouse seems like the best bet. Is it me or does the purchase price seem like a bargain considering it has 4 bedrooms and is located so high up? Elizabeth Hurley – what the heck happened with that beauty? The Presley house has some gorgeous views, but I honestly consider it a teardown. Britney Spears is a slore, and the ceilings in that house would give me nightmares.

  • WrteStufLA

    And to clarify, Jeter’s former apartment is in the Trump World Tower. (Not to be confused with Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, where Donald Trump has his own home, offices and television show.)

  • marc22

    Yeah what did happen to Elizabeth Hurley? Dont know but she is living well in a gorgeous historic property. Kudos to you.

    Now if I needed a place to crash in NYC I certainly wouldnt pass up the almost bargain price for Jeter’s penthouse. Considering $90M and up is now common for NYC penthouses still under construction, this place is already built and move-in condition. A great purchase for the new owner. Jeter certainly over paid considering it also had to be designed, finished and furnished, but Trump markets and hypes his properties well.

  • Sam

    Elizabeth Hurley, 12 bedrooms?!?! 4 BATHROOMS?!?! This doesn’t add up.

  • Tigurinn

    I have now insane respect for Kenny after reading ” the late, great Elvis Presley”; Kenny obviously has great taste in great music. Anyway, here are more pictures of the house:

    Oh, and some more:

  • lambskin

    House #1 is awful. The bar in the living room/dining room with the ugly wine racks in the ‘wine room’ is terribe. This is open concept gone bad. I do like the back and pool. The Elvis house needs to be ‘all shook up’ ie demolished and start over.

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